Carol Vorderman was forced to make an emergency landing during a solo flight after smelling smoke in the cockpit at 1,200 ft.

The 'Loose Women' star, who is training to get her Private Pilot Licence, smelt burning just moments after take-off from Gloucestershire Airfield in Staverton, Cheltenham yesterday.

carol vorderman

Carol Vorderman

The TV presenter told The Mirror: “I started lifting up at 65 knots and there was a slight smell like a fire in the distance, but I thought, ‘that doesn’t matter now’.

“I got to 1,000 feet and wanted to get up to 2,000. At 1,200 feet there was this huge whoosh and a burning smell through the cabin, and the engine started making noises.

"There wasn’t a moment to think, ‘is this the end?’ I stayed calm and went immediately into emergency checks, put the throttle down and radioed the airfield, so I could go down to land.

“Afterwards I was a bit jittery because I had two wings full of fuel.”

carol vorderman

The 52-year-old managed to land the Piper PA-28 plane safely after air traffic control cleared the runway and had fire engines on standby at the scene.

Carol added: “I was really well prepared thanks to expert training from my instructor Debra Ford. They are investigating what happened, but it looks like a slight oil leak.”

Earlier this year, the former 'Countdown' star - who is just five sessions away from getting her Private Licence - announced her plans to fly the 29,000 miles around the world solo in 2014.

She will cover Amelia Earhart’s 1930s route next year. She was the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo, but died at 37 when her plane vanished over the Pacific.

Carol’s former Red Arrows squadron leader boyfriend Graham “Duffy” Duff will be flying Carol’s support plane.

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  • Holly Willoughby

    The new queen of daytime TV is also a strong contender queen of the milfs (UK division). MILF purists may consider her two young for such a title, but we beg to differ because we reckon Holly's always been a bit mumsy - hence her popularity on kids' TV. And now that she's a mum to two, it all makes sense in a strange way. (Pic: PA)

  • Liz Hurley

    Liz was in danger of slipping off the celeb radar before the Shane Warne affair went public at the end of 2010, but we reckon she could be Holly's toughest competition for the UK MILF crown. She's smart, sexy, funny and she gives good Twitter... what more could you want in a woman? We're glad to see she doesn't wear "that dress" around her son Damian though. (Pic: PA)

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Zeta is another Brit MILF who strutting her stuff on the global stage. She might be 25 years younger than hubby Michael Douglas, but now that she's in her forties and a mother of two, she's in prime MILF territory herself. We think she's a pretty yummy mummy anyway. (Pic: PA)

  • Angelina Jolie

    Perhaps the queen of the celeb MILFs - Angelina Jolie is one of those actresses who seems to mature and improve with age like a fine wine. Sure, she was hot back in the 1990s - but we'd take the more stable, elegant modern Ange over the flaky little minx she used to be any day. (Pic: PA)

  • Kate Beckinsale

    She was initially famous for being someone's daughter, because her much-loved actor dad Richard Beckinsale died tragically young in 1979.But Kate Beckinsale had her own daughter Lily Mo Sheen (honest) in her 20s - and then broke America as a young mum. We'll forgive her Pearl Harbour because she's such a fine example of British womanhood. (Pic: PA)

  • Courtney Cox

    Courtney used to play nice, sensible (and slightly boring) Monica in Friends - so we never expected that her next major role would be as the main character in a series about predatory MILFs.Well, that's basically the plot of Cougar Town, isn't it?And now that she's split up with barmy hubby David Arquette she's free to start making life imitate art - so long as she gets a babysitter for daughter Coco Riley. (Pic: PA)

  • Dannii Minogue

    If we had to identify a turning point in Dannii Minogue's recent career, we think we'd say it was when she got pregnant with partner Kris Smith. Where she had occasionally seemed a little cold or brittle in the past, she suddenly seemed to come alive and cement her position as "hottest and most interesting female judge on the X Factor". Well, that's in our opinion anyway - and we don't mean that we think Simon or Louis are hotter either! (Pic: PA)

  • Demi Moore

    OK, we've had a few decent MILFs so far - but now it's time to get serious - because Demi is probably the milfiest MILF in all of the milfiverse. She looks better now as she heads toward 50 than she did when she was appearing in sexy blockbusters in the 1990s - and she has three teenage kids to boot! Ashton Kutcher was a very lucky man... (Pic: PA)

  • Nelly Furtado

    She's only in her early thirties, so perhaps a little young for MILF status, but the Portuguese-Canadian songstress actually makes our list because she's such an unexpected candidate. An under-milf if you will. She had her daughter Nevis (if she has a son, we hope she'll call him Ben) back in 2003 - and seemed to lose her baby weight overnight. You can really go off some people, eh? (Pic: PA)

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    A little while ago Gwynnie probably wouldn't have made this list. Not because she's not mumsy enough, but because all that yoga and macrobiotic food isn't really very sexy. But recently the mum-of-two has been sexing it up a bit with dresses like this and a smouldering role in the Iron Man films. We'll make a MILF of you yet Gwynnie! (Pic: PA)

  • Halle Berry

    Now we're talking! If anyone can give Demi Moore a run for her money as queen of the MILFs then surely it's the eternally sexy Halle Berry? In 2008, at the age of 42, she was named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine - shortly after giving birth to baby daughter Nahla. And for the first time in the history of silly magazine lists, nobody argued! (Pic: PA)

  • Kate Hudson

    Ms Hudson is another impossibly skinny member of the surprising MILFs club.But not only does she have a son at school, but at the time of writing she had another child on the way. And she still manages to look like she's just wandered off the catwalk most of the time. Jammy cow! (Pic: PA)

  • Kate Moss

    Whereas the liberal-minded Kate Moss seems entirely happy to be out in public with daughter Lila Grace wearing a see-through dress. It's easy to forget that the legendary supermodel is also a mum - but she's easing into proper MILF status these days now she's slowing down the catwalk work and has settled down with Jamie Hince. (Pic: PA)

  • Heidi Klum

    Unlike Kate, Heidi embraced MILF status much earlier in life. She looks as terrific as she ever did - despite having had FOUR children. And her famously happy marriage to singer Seal makes her one of our favourite MILFs of all. (Pic: PA)

  • Laila Rouass

    We've only just realised that actress Laila Rouass is actually (at the time of writing) nearly 40. The sultry star's mixed Moroccan and Indian heritage may go some way to explaining her amazingly youthful looks. Whatever, the former Footballers Wives star is in the premier league of celeb MILFs. (Pic: PA)

  • Liv Tyler

    Liv Tyler is another celeb offspring (being the daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler) who's slowly morphed into a celeb MILF. She wasn't quite one when she first had son Milo in 2004, but over the last few years she's started to look a bit more womanly and mature. Perhaps it was playing a 2,900-year-old elf princess in Lord of the Rings that did it? (Pic: PA)

  • Milla Jovovich

    It's hard to believe that the impossibly youthful-looking Milla is a mum, but she certainly is - to daughter Ever Gabo. And it's also hard to believe that she's 35-years-old. Just look at that face ferchristsake! But put the two together and the Ukrainian-born model-turned-actress makes a pretty compelling MILF. (Pic: PA)

  • Monica Belluci

    Italian actress and model Monica Belluci has a pretty good claim to being top of the Euro-MILF tree, we reckon. Currently in her mid-40s, she was one of the highlights of the rubbish Matrix sequels - and has two daughters, Deva and Leonie. We don't know if it's genes or the healthy Mediterranean diet but Monica looks set to give Demi a run for her money as she heads toward 50. (Pic: PA)

  • Myleene Klass

    Myleene Klass reinvented her career once with a bikini on I'm A Celeb, and has done it again recently after the birth of daughter Ava - becoming a bit of a professional media mum. That's why we've got no reservations in calling the former Hear'Say star a MILF, despite the fact that she's only in her early thirties. And she is still VERY hot, we have to admit. (Pic: PA)

  • Nigella Lawson

    Uber-MILF Nigella could teach some of the young whippersnappers in this gallery a thing or two about growing old glamorously. She seems to have got even saucier since she passed 50 - a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Harry Hill with his brilliant TV Burp impression of her. But levity aside, Nigella's up there with the best in the world when it comes to heating things up in the kitchen. (Pic: PA)

  • Victoria Beckham

    The queen of the WAGs also holds a very respectable position in the UK MILF league these days. Victoria Beckham might be heading toward her late 30s - but she still has the skinny frame of a teenager despite her ever-expanding brood. Alright, she's not everyone's cup of char, but she's got enough fans to make this list. (Pic: PA)

  • Rachel Weisz

    She might be in her forties now, but posh totty and mum-of-one Rachel Weisz is looking hotter than ever to our eyes. And it's not just us either. We know Mr 007 himself Daniel Craig agrees with us because the pair of them recently wed. (Pic: PA)

  • Reese Witherspoon

    Lovely Reese is another woman who's been a mum for a while, but has only recently embraced her MILFhood. She's only in her mid-thirties but has been enthusiastically discussing how sex gets better when you're older and know what you want. Grrrr! Cougar alert! (Pic: PA)

  • Salma Hayek

    Mexican actress Salma Hayek is in her mid-40s and seems to remain effortlessly glamorous. She's a committed humanitarian activist and has had a Best Actress Oscar nomination - but it's probably her penchant for cleavage-revealing outfits that has won her the most (male) fans. And to be honest, we can fully see the appeal. (Pic: PA)

  • Uma Thurman

    Statuesque actress Uma Thurman has had something of a renaissance in her late thirties, and as she goes into her forties she is poised to tussle for the top spot in the Hollywood MILF league. She even starred in a film called Motherhood - which unfortunately has the distinction of being the biggest bomb in British box office history - making just £88 on its opening weekend. They should have just filmed Uma flicking her hair and looking pretty instead. (Pic: PA)

  • Kate Winslet

    Another of Britain's big contenders in the global MILF stakes, Kate Winslet seems happier and sexier now than she ever has before. Unlike certain sections of the media we don't care about her exercise routines or her relationship with the airbrush - we just want to see more of her because she's great. Look at this picture and tell us we're wrong. (Pic: PA)

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