UK Storm Weather: Things To Do In Hurricane Winds Instead Of Going To Lectures

28/10/2013 09:39 | Updated 28 October 2013

As the country bemoans lack of electricity, roofless hours, commuter chaos, etc, we thought we'd bring you a little lightheartedness to brighten your stormy day.

Instead of joining the moaners and groaners, why not embrace the insane weather and have a little fun instead?

  • 1 Recreate Michael Jackson's Earth Song
  • 2 Crack your umbrella out and do a Mary Poppins
    Walt Disney
  • 3 Sit tight and end up in Oz
  • 4 Attempt an ET moment with your bicycle
    Universal Pictures
  • 5 Or you could opt to study at home instead.. Nah
  • 6 Pop over to France
  • 7 Pretend to be a tree
  • 8 And a message from a not so happy Manchester lecturer..
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St Jude Storm - UK Weather
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