What would you do if you were diagnosed with a condition that made you grow wispy long strands of facial hair? Would you a) keep on shaving it and hope that no one ever finds out or would you b) embrace the fuzz and grow one for Movember?

If we're being honest, the vast majority would choose option A, but lucky for all those who'd benefit from the fundraising, Sarah O'Neill is part of the exceptional minority who has decided to join the Mo Bros in raising money.


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Sarah, who has excess facial hair due to polycystic ovary syndrome, says she is raising money for cancer but also to highlight her own condition.

sarah oneill movember

The 29-year-old from Hull works as an account manager for a bed and bath store, and The Daily Mail reported her as saying:

"It used to embarrass me a lot, and my brother even called me Mac3, after the razor, but finally enough was enough and I had to accept that it was a medical condition that was just part of me. I now realise it's nothing to be ashamed of.

sarah oneill movember

"My cousin does it every year and I just thought 'I have a moustache, I might as well raise some money with it'. Everyone I have told has been really supportive and proud of what I'm doing."

To support Sarah, visit her Movember page here.

movember sarah oneill

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