This year's 'I'm A Celebrity' line-up has finally been officially revealed.

After weeks of speculation and rumours, ITV have unveiled who will be heading into the jungle for the 13th series of the show.

Representing the ladies are 'EastEnders' star Laila Morse, model Amy Willerton, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and 'Emmerdale' actress Lucy Pargeter.

Leading the men are Westlife singer Kian Egan, 'TOWIE' star Joey Essex, snooker legend Steve Davis, journalist and TV presenter Matthew Wright, fashion designer David Emanuel and 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' star Alfonso Ribeiro.

The new series starts on Sunday 17 November on ITV1.

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  • Amy Willerton

    <strong>Age:</strong> 21 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Winning Katie Price's search for a new model 'Signed… By Katie Price', and then publicly falling out with her. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Single <strong>Phobias:</strong> China dolls <strong>Dream campmate:</strong> Oprah Winfrey <strong>She says:</strong> "I'm grumpy when I’m hungry!" <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 25/1

  • David Emanuel

    <strong>Age:</strong> 60 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Designing Princess Diana's wedding dress. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Divorced <strong>Phobias:</strong> "Everything. Anything. You name it!" <strong>He says:</strong> "Sometimes you have to rise to the challenge. I survived cancer. Can I survive the jungle?" <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 33/1

  • Alfonso Ribeiro

    <strong>Age:</strong> 42 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Playing Carlton Banks on 90s show 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' alongside Will Smith. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Married <strong>Missing any special occasions?:</strong> Time with his new baby boy <strong>He says:</strong> "I haven't actually seen much of I’m A Celebrity..., which is the reason why I am doing it. If I had seen more of it... I would probably say ‘Hell no’." <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 10/1

  • Joey Essex

    <strong>Age:</strong> 23 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Appearing on ITV2 reality show 'The Only Way Is Essex'. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Single <strong>Missing any special occasions:</strong> The 'TOWIE' Christmas special <strong>He says:</strong> "I will have my shirt off all the time." <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 7/4

  • Kian Egan

    <strong>Age:</strong> 33 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Being a member of boyband Westlife. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Married <strong>Phobias:</strong> "None but the coffin challenge is, for me, the worst one" <strong>He says:</strong> "I will definitely do the eating challenge. I will shove it in my gob, chew on it and eat it!" <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 6/1

  • Laila Morse

    <strong>Age:</strong> 68 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Playing Big Mo Harris in BBC soap 'EastEnders'. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Dating <strong>Phobias:</strong> Spiders and cockroaches <strong>Dream camp mate:</strong> Johnny Depp <strong>She says:</strong> "I don’t like sleeping with clothes on...that's gonna be a bit of an issue." <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 25/1

  • Lucy Pargeter

    <strong>Age:</strong> 36 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Playing Chas Dingle in ITV soap 'Emmerdale'. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Engaged <strong>She says:</strong> "I can’t sit still for five minutes. I don’t do well with boredom." <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 9/1

  • Matthew Wright

    <strong>Age:</strong> 48 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Hosting daily Channel 5 chat show 'The Wright Stuff'. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Married <strong>Phobias:</strong> Terrified of spiders <strong>He says:</strong> "I know I will be teary. I just don’t want to act as big a girl as Paul Burrell." <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 12/1

  • Rebecca Adlington

    <strong>Age:</strong> 24 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Being a Team GB Olympic swimmer. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Engaged <strong>Dream camp mate:</strong> David Beckham <strong>She says:</strong> "I see myself as a team player and I think my role in the camp will be to be the little helper. I am happy to pull my weight." <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 9/1

  • Steve Davis

    <strong>Age:</strong> 56 <strong>Most famous for:</strong> Being a professional snooker player. <strong>Relationship status:</strong> Long-term relationship <strong>Phobias:</strong> "Do you really think I’d let you know what I am scared of?!" <strong>He says:</strong> "There seems to be a growing opinion that I’m not as boring as people once thought, and it’s my aim while I am in the jungle to put a stop to this once and for all!" <strong>Odds to win:</strong> 11/2


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