Rejoice! Clear news our soon-to-be robot overlords might just have an inherent weakness has arrived from Austria.

One of the little critters has been overcome with monotony and depression and 'committed suicide' - according to highly dubious reports.

A Roomba, fed-up with the never-ending daily grind of hoovering up strudel crumbs, turned itself on, mournfully wandered over to a hot plate and waited patiently until it had snuffed itself out, the reports said.

robot suicide

All that remained after the tragic self-immolation

The little guy even barged its way past a heavy cooking pot, over-riding its in-built commands to steer out of the way of solid objects.

The sad but selfish consequences of the little bot's final act could have resulted in human casualties as the entire apartment building had to be evacuated.

Owner, Gernot Hackl said: "It's not possible to live here at the moment," reports the Mirror.

"I would never buy one again, you buy them to keep the place clean, not almost burn it down and ruin everything."

Needless to say there is currently no proof that the robot malfunctioned, intentionally or otherwise, and an investigation is ongoing.

Despite campaigners lobbying the international community to place a ban on fully autonomous robots, any deal is unlikely to cover the side effects of a self-terminating droid, clearly raising shortcomings in the proposed legislation.

On a more positive note for robots this week, a "multi-jointed, people-friendly robot arm, called UR5" became the first non-human to close the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York.

They're people-friendly for now...

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