How To Save Money This Christmas

20/11/2013 15:40 | Updated 20 November 2013

Christmas can be a difficult time for cash-strapped students, but there are ways to reduce costs over the festive season.

David Ellis, editor of Student Money Saver, says: “The first year especially can be financially trying for students: the rent goes out, mountains of textbooks need buying and all those extra vodkas during freshers’ week leave your wallet with one hell of a hangover.

"By November everyone finds themselves wondering where their money went. Budgets have been blown and students are worrying about making it through Christmas without their card being declined."

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For all those currently experiencing the student struggle, Ellis has teamed up with 'Declutter for cash' website musicMagpie, to reveal some top tips to help students control their finances and balance their accounts.

See below for the best ways to save this December.


  • 1 Get Rid Of Stuff
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    The DVD you've watched 50 times, the CD you never listen to and the old clothes stuffed at the back of your wardrobe could all come in handy this Christmas. turns all of the items lying around your house into cash!
  • 2 Earn Money For Shopping
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    This actually happens! Mystery shopping is an enjoyable way to earn money for the festive season - paying for visits to restaurants, bars and even designer outlets.
  • 3 Shop Smart
    Take advantage of your student status by shopping exclusively at the stores which offer discounts for students. You can check out offers online before you head to the high street, so you know exactly where the best deals can be found.
  • 4 Take A Hike Or A Bike
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    Choosing exercise over public transport may not seem very appealing, but it will save a lot of money in the run up to Christmas. And help you to shed a few extra pounds before the feasting begins!
  • 5 Get A Part-Time Job
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    Easier said than done of course, but during the Christmas rush it is possible to find temporary work. Bars, restaurants and retailers all take on additional staff to cope with the added custom over the festive season and many tend to pay weekly, making it easier to budget.
  • 6 Use Social Media
    Following certain Twitter accounts can be a useful way to stay alert to money saving opportunities. @slickdeals @studentmoneysvr and @musicMagpie are great places to start.
  • 7 Be Creative
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    Your time can be a valuable present, so why not put your creative skills to the test and make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.
  • 8 Budget
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    As generous as you might be, it really isn't feasible to buy presents for every single person you know. You're a student remember! Instead, look at your funds to see how many gifts you can actually afford to buy.
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