The Best Student University Cities In The World

21/11/2013 09:35

If you've ever wondered which city offers the very best student experience, then look no further. has revealed the best university cities across the globe for 2013-2014. Facing off stiff competition, London easily makes it into the top 10, whilst Manchester, Dublin and Edinburgh all place within the top 50.

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Read on to see which student cities are considered the very best in the world.


  • 1 Paris
  • 2 London
    Scott E Barbour via Getty Images
  • 3 Singapore
    Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images
  • 4 Sydney
    Damien Te Whiu via Getty Images
  • 5 Zurich
    Manchan via Getty Images
  • 6 Melbourne
  • 7 Hong Kong
    xPACIFICA via Getty Images
  • 8 Boston
    Shobeir Ansari via Getty Images
  • 9 Montreal
    Yves Marcoux via Getty Images
  • 10 Munich
  • 11 Berlin
    Westend61 - Creativ Studio Heinemann via Getty Images
  • 12 San Francisco
    WIN-Initiative via Getty Images
  • 13 Toronto
  • 14 Seoul
    Robert Koehler via Getty Images
  • 15 Vienna
    lightkey via Getty Images
  • 16 Dublin
    Richard I'Anson via Getty Images
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