That we've spotted.

So far.

Yes, the funniest 'ask' hashtag since #askJPM has been taking place on Twitter. Here are some of our favourite questions posed so far to Take That member/X Factor judge/Mumford impersonator Gary Barlow - check out the #askGaryBarlow hashtag for more gems.

  • Baz
    Do you still consider Pluto a planet or not? 8:18 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • joe heenan
    Are pheasants just posh chickens? 9:24 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • tom jamieson
    Is your dad Ken really proud of you? 8:13 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Scriblit
    did you ever consider that that lady might have left you because you never so much as washed lipstick off coffee cups? Mucky. 7:06 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Dai Lama
    What's your favourite level on Sonic The Hedgehog 3? Please answer in semaphore. 9:02 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Quintin Forbes
    Are you aware now that "Understood" does not rhyme with "Flood"? 9:01 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • cluedont
    Are you free on Saturday to help me move a sofa and two small side tables? 7:04 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Vikki Stone
    Have you ever grabbed a handful of pubes, then counted them out one by one onto the the kitchen table? 8:49 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • comedyfish
    Did you ever write lyrics with Jason Orange or is he impossible to rhyme with? 7:57 AM 22 Nov 2013
  • gdorean
    Which section of the Argos catalogue is your favourite? I like towels. 8:33 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • TechnicallyRon
    You know those 3 bird roasts? How many birds do I have to kill to get to an ostrich? 6:58 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • JC
    How long could your Tax avoidance have kept a hospice open which u want us to pay for on Children In Need. ? 7:01 PM 21 Nov 2013
    Would you agree that It Only Takes A Minute Girl is possibly not your best chat up line? 8:31 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • QuebecTango
    When you were in showaddywaddy did you have as much creative input into the process as you did in Steps? 8:24 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Lisa
    If I had the power to levitate objects, I'd use it to bring eggs nearer to my face. What power would you want and why? 7:51 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Christmas Thom
    what bus routes get me to IKEA on Edmonton? 8:02 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • October Jones
    Your surname is an anagram of 'War lab" Are you making experimental chemical weapons? WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT GARY? 7:44 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Dan
    How would you describe your on-screen marriage to Deirdre? It looks like it's mega-fun! 7:02 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Tiernan Douieb
    If you feed a goldfish confetti instead of fish food by accident, do they die or constantly celebrate? Asking for a friend. 7:51 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Al Murray
    If you could ask Gary Barlow something, what would you ask Gary Barlow, Gary Barlow? 7:43 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Dave Turner
    If a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody there to hear it, does it still sound better than 'A Million Love Songs'? 8:29 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Chris
    I'm still outside Sharon Osbourne's place. Leave the meter running you said, I won't be long. Will you never pay your taxis? 12:44 AM 22 Nov 2013
  • rab livingstone
    Would you like to ask us anything Gary? Anything? Or is this one of those one way things? 7:10 PM 21 Nov 2013
  • Mark Potter
    My gas fire has packed in. Any hints in how to relight it? 10:48 AM 22 Nov 2013