The Most Unbelievable Media Meltdowns Of 2013

27/12/2013 13:02
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We've all lost it with the racist aunt who thinks the Muslims are taking over the BBC, or with the guy slurring at the other end of the pub about "gay propaganda".

But that's OK. We didn't do it live on TV. But these guys did.

Here's some of the maddest media moments of 2013, from Piers Morgan head-to-head with Alex Jones, to Justin Bieber's worst week ever in London, in gif-form.

  • Martin Bashir calls Sarah Palin 'total idiot' and suggests someone shit in her mouth
    Dignity, Martin, dignity. Even when the former government of Alaska compares the US national debt to slavery. Even when she prefaces that by basically saying "I'm not racist but.." Don't go there.
  • 'The Man Who Hated Britain'
    Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, really probably shouldn't have tried to defend calling Marxist academic and refugee from Nazism Ralph Miliband 'the man who hated Britain'. Because Ralph was, y'know, fighting the Nazis in the British forces shortly after the then-Mail owner Viscount Rothermere had gone for a chinwag with Hitler about how the Fuhrer was jolly well right about the Jews. But the Mail doesn't do apologies. What followed, after Ed Miliband complained and wangled a 1,000 word rebuttal, was an astonishing, lengthy editorial, entitled "An Evil Legacy, and Why We Won't Apologise". Still, at least the Mail didn't gatecrash Ed Miliband's uncle's memorial service. That was the Mail on Sunday.
  • Campbell tears into the Mail, Paul Dacre and Jon Steafel
    The Daily Mail's deputy editor Jon Steafel was invited on to BBC Newsnight on Tuesday evening to defend his paper's decision to accuse Ed Miliband's father Ralph of “hating Britain”. He faced Alastair Campbell, who accused the paper's editor, Paul Dacre, of being a “bully and a coward” for not appearing himself, sending his deputy instead. "If you do not conform to Paul Dacre's narrow twisted view of the world, as all of his employees like John Steafel have to do, you get done in," Campbell said. "Once you accept you are dealing with a bully and a coward you have absolutely nothing to fear from him." "It's [the Daily Mail] run by a bully and a coward and like most cowards he is hypocrite as well. Paul Dacre hasn't got the guts himself to come on this programme and defend something which I know John Steafel thinks is not defensible."
  • Iain Dale goes nuclear on protester Stuart Holmes
    Anti-nuclear protester Stuart Holmes is the bane of many journalists' lives, standing their with his massive signs, and his dog, behind interviews to camera, or butting in as photographers take their shots. And Iain Dale, the publisher of Damian McBride's explosive memoir about his time as Gordon Brown's spinner-in-chief, couldn't take it any more. So he wrestled him away, and they wrestled to the ground, in the undignified, uncomfortable way only two middle-aged-men-who should-know-better can. It was hilarious. Especially when the dog, who is also called Stuart, attacked his owner, instead of Dale.
  • Justin Bieber Sees Red
    Teenage girls of the UK, Justin Bieber hates us, he hates our country, he hates our press and he hopes he never has to come back. His visit to London in 2013 included a controversy over his late start at the O2, claiming that technical difficulties had kept him from his young fans. The teen was then seen walking around London wearing a gas mask, before going on a bizarre Twitter rant, telling fans not to judge him. He then collapsed during his O2 concert on Thursday night, and was taken to a nearby hospital complaining of breathing difficulties.and he wishes he never comes back. And then this happened, after a photographer called him a "fucking little prick".
  • 'Vile Product Of Welfare UK'
    Worth an honourable mention for possible being the most tasteless front page of 2013, showing the six kids killed in a vile attempt of a their father to get revenge by framing his ex-mistress, and then blaming that on the UK's welfare system.
  • Neil versus Robinson aka Lennon
    Broadcasters had long been accused of giving English Defence League (now ex) leader Tommy Robinson a soft ride in interviews. But Andrew Neil doesn't mince his words. The first question to Robinson was "what's your real name?" with Robinson forced to admit he used a fake name and was really called Stephen Lennon. He monstered Robinson on his speech at a rally, where Robinson had warned Muslims would "feel the force" of the EDL. Robinson claimed that the full force meant writing to an MP...
  • Piers Morgan and Alex Jones go tonto
    Megabanks, China, "murder pills", communists, the US government and Piers Morgan are all conspiring to take away America's guns in order to destroy its people - according to a bizarre pro-gun rant by radio shock jock Alex Jones on CNN. Jones, who runs Infowars, began the petition to deport Morgan for his anti-gun campaigning in the wake of the massacre of 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut. Throughout the debate, Jones roared over the top of Morgan, blaming "suicide and murder pills" and "megabanks who control the planet" for the violence in America, and claiming the UK had a higher violent crime rate since the government "took away the guns".
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