12 Things British People Are Missing Out On By Not Celebrating Thanksgiving

25/11/2013 17:03 | Updated 25 November 2014
macys thanksgiving day parade

According to Wikipedia, the American tradition of Thanksgiving can be traced to "a poorly documented 1621 celebration at Plymouth." We're not sure how many of the 12 things below took place during that celebration (it was poorly documented, after all), but we have to say: we Brits wouldn't mind a bit of this pilgrim-inspired action. Here's why...

  • 1 A long weekend off work
    Imagine Christmas always taking place over a weekend. And not having to wait until late December for it. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS.
  • 2 The start of 'the holiday season'
    In Britain, it's polite to wait until December before starting to feel festive. In the States, the 'holiday season' kicks off with Thanksgiving. As our American friends would say: score! (And 'Happy holidays!')
  • 3 Eating a turkey
    Americans, as we know, are always first at everything. Apart from soccer. And because their seasonal festivities start earlier, so does their turkey eating. Once again: score! (And 'Happy holidays!')
  • 4 Our leader pardoning a turkey
    Yes, it's silly. But imagine having to watch David Cameron doing this. And then imagine the reaction on Twitter. See what we're missing out on?
  • 5 The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
    Like London's New Year's Day parade only bigger, better and containing far more a) majorettes, b) Rockettes and c) giant Snoopy balloons.
  • 6 Football games
    Fun fact: Thanksgiving Day is traditionally so packed with football games that it was once called "a holiday granted by the State and the Nation to see a game of football." (Note: by 'football', we don't mean football. We mean football.)
  • 7 Sweet potatoes and marshmallows
    That's right - together. It may sound disgusting – but trust us, it is disgusting. In a delicious way.
  • 8 Green beans with mushroom soup and fried onions
    Brian Hagiwara via Getty Images
    That's right - together. It may sound disgusting, etc.
  • 9 The true meaning of Thanksgiving movies
    Because, let's face it - when an American film references Thanksgiving, in our British heads we're simply replacing it with Christmas.
  • 10 Travelling home to see your family
    As demonstrated in that classic Christmas Thanksgiving movie 'Planes, Trains And Automobiles'.
  • 11 Sales shopping on 'Black Friday'
    Well, when you've travelled all that way to see your family, it would be rude not to bugger off to a shopping mall and buy a giant toy car, wouldn't it?
  • 12 Giving thanks
    Getty Images
    Yes, yes - we can do this any time of the year. But being forced to do it? At least once? By a national holiday? We think that's something to be thankful for. Now pass us some delicious sweet potato and marshmallow!

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