34G implants which contain 800cc of silicone were deemed to be too big, by James Bristol, a breast enlargement expert speaking at a tribunal concerning several surgeries by a Harley Street doctor.

The doctor in question in Mohammad Azhar Aslam, who, it is claimed, carried out an 'inappropriate' operation at the South Tyneside District Hospital in South Shields.

Shortly afterwards, The Telegraph reported, "a hole appeared below the patient's left breast, which gradually grew until the whole implant was visible."

silicone implants

The patient, known as Patient S, travelled to the doctor's Linia Cosmetic Surgery in Harley Street, London two months after the surgery, where he allegedly fitted her with another implant that didn't fix the situation. Eventually she had to visit another surgeon to have it removed.

James Bristol is the consultant general surgeon at The Chesterfield Cheltenham Hospital. The Daily Mail reported him as saying that 800cc implants are not really appropriate for anybody.

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"They may be okay for a while, but patients need to understand there will be problems with these big, heavy implants because gravity only works one way. You should not be using implants of that size. I think it was doomed to fail. The tissues were already in a very, very poor state and what the doctor did was excise some of that tissue so you have all the same tissue in an even smaller envelope."

Aslam now facing charges relating to deficiencies in his treatment of four women between 2004 and 2010 at a fitness to practise hearing in Manchester.

He denies any of the procedures were inappropriate or any of the care inadequate, but has admitted two allegations relating to poor record keeping.

If the allegations are proved and the panel finds Mr Aslam's fitness to practice is impaired he could face a ban from the profession.

The procedure was carried out by a private company, which hired facilities at South Tyneside District Hospital, and the woman was not a patient of South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.

The hearing continues.

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