Christmas is coming up - and while we've already covered the best tablets, laptops, headphones, speakers and phones to ask for this year, there's still a lot more cool gadgets to consider.

These lower-cost, smaller items are brilliant ways to keep the gadget fan in your life pleased with their haul.

From small hackable computers to stylish iPad accessories, we've got loads of ideas to inspire you for less than £100.

Here are our favourite gadget stocking-fillers for 2013:

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  • Nude Audio Move S

    <a href="">The Nude Audio Move S</a> is a nifty little Bluetooth speaker, which features decent sound and some cool design touches for less than £30.

  • Sony Smart Bluetooth Headset SBH52

    Sony's Smart Bluetooth Headset SBH52 is a little handheld device which can be used to make and receive calls on your phone while your handset is still in your bag. It can also play music from your phone via Bluetooth, and there are apps to extend its functionality. <a href="">It's £79.99</a>m, but consider the SBH20 too - it doesn't have a screen, but does everything else for about £35.

  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS

    For the audiophile in your life, the <a href="">Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS</a> is a brilliant little gadget, again for less than £100. The idea is simple - plug this into your USB port on your computer, plug your headphones in the other end, and experience sound quality you never thought possible from a laptop or desktop. The results are dramatic, and the product is cute and well designed, with specs worthy of competitors more than twice the price.

  • Elgato EyeTV Mobile

    The Elgato EyeTV Mobile is a little doodad that for a tenner less than £100 lets you watch live digital TV on your iPad, without using any data. It has a free app to watch TV through, and <a href="">can even record programs and transfer them to your Mac to watch later on.</a>

  • Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry Pi is a great and hackable little computer that you can use to build your own devices and learn to code. <a href="" target="_blank">This £99 pack from Maplin</a> includes the computer, plus a range of accessories, a new case - and a WiFi dongle.

  • Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

    <a href="">The Misfit Shine Activity Monitor</a> is a pretty amazing product, in that it manages to be both cheaper, better-looking, has better battery life (up to four months) and is just as useful as many other more widely-known activity monitors. Just wear this little device around your wrist, or attached to your clothing, and use the free app to check how active you've been through the day. You can even use it for swimming, and with looks this good you won't want to take it off.

  • Olloclip 4-in-one Lens

    <a href="">The Olloclip</a> is a brilliant little device which connects to your iPhone in seconds, and gives you access to four new lenses which change the type of picture you can take, without altering the quality. You can get a fish-eye, wide-angle, macro-10x and macro-15x lens in the one little unit. And at £59.95, it won't cost anywhere near what a stand-alone camera capable of the same pictures would cost.

  • Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

    Check your intended recipient has a Nintendo Wii U first, and if they do get them Super Mario 3D World. <a href="">It's among the very best games of the year</a><, and ridiculously fun in multiplayer- more so than anything available for the big-ticket next-gen consoles.

  • Wacom Bamboo Duo

    For our money the Wacom Bamboo Duo is still the best iPad stylus around, not only because it's also an actual pen on the other side. It's useful, small, nicely weighted, and very reliable. <a href="">And it only costs £24.99.</a>