Amazon's at this point largely hypothetical plan to replace truck deliveries with a fleet of robotic drones might have already been made redundant.

By rockets.

An "independent" and timely project by Zach King posits the idea that rocket-enabled deliveries could cut the waiting time from 30 minutes to just five. Though we have a feeling he's not being entirely serious.

Either way, we're still on board with Waterstones - even if rockets are cooler than drones, owls are still cooler than both.

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  • Klein Bottle Opener

    3D printed in stainless steel,<a href=""> $72 from Bathsheba Sculpture </a>

  • Spouted Cup

    3D Print in Ceramics vs. 3D Model, <a href="">$47.47 from Shapeways </a>

  • Gyroid Sculpture

    Shown in white plastic <a href="">for $16.23 from Shapeways </a>

  • Boo Garden Planter

    <a href="">$30 from Etsy shop, videopixil</a>

  • Monarch Stools

    Glass Filled Polyamide,<a href=""> € 6720.16 from Freedom of Creation </a>

  • 610 Hanging Light

    <a href="">€ 358.82 from Freedom of Creation </a>

  • Endless Flow Low Rocking Chair

    Recycled plastic,<a href=""> € 760 from Dirk Vander Kooij </a>

  • 3D Printed Filigree Skull

    Available in Mini, Small, Medium, Large. Made of white 3D printed SLS polyamide. <a href="">Small is $95 from </a>

  • Reaction Lamp

    Nylon with UV protective coating,<a href=""> $900.00 from Nervous System </a>

  • Distortion Candlesticks

    Marble and resin, <a href="">$24 each from Uncommon Goods</a>

  • Phone 4 case - Macedonia

    Laser Sintered Polyamide, <a href="">€ 25.17 from Freedom of Creation </a>