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24 Funny Homemade Christmas Cards (PICTURES)

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It's not just celebrities who produce their own Christmas cards, you know. Check out these 24 gems...

  • 1
    The flatmates' group shot
  • 2
    The guy whose wife left him this year
  • 3
    The Christmas jumper and chicken (in Christmas hat)
  • 4
    The family reenactment of the Last Supper
  • 5
    The pizza delivery guys
  • 6
    The pose with cats
  • 7
    The pose with cat - plus self
  • 8
    The family at play #1
  • 9
    The family at play #2
  • 10
    The card with a slightly scary threat to it
  • 11
    The flatmates... plus Baby Jesus cat
  • 12
    The Christmas gents plus cat (and fondue set)
  • 13
    'My Christmas card this year turned out to be slightly more disturbing than I had hoped...'
  • 14
    The scary reenactment of the birth of Jesus
  • 15
    The festive kick in the face
  • 16
    The parents with a sense of humour
  • 17
    The cheerful children
  • 18
    The woman who has just become a grandmother
  • 19
    The carolling dog
  • 20
    The costumed dog
  • 21
    The really slightly terrifying dog
  • 22
    The Santa-as-burglar card
  • 23
    The Christmas jumper and laser show (plus cat)
  • 24
    'It's my first year living abroad. I thought I'd send a reassuring Christmas card to my folks back in the US.'

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