Axed 'I'm A Celebrity' campmate Matthew Wright has claimed the show is fixed for Joey Essex to win.

The chat show host told The Sun of how the ITV show had become "all about Joey" in the camp, and that he has been receiving special treatment from producers.

matthew wright

Matthew Wright

“We’ve had three weeks of ‘all about Joey’, which gets quite boring. Every question I was asked was about Joey. If it was ‘How was your dinner?’ the next question was ‘How was Joey’s dinner?’," Matthew said.

“You could see he was being given special treatment. We were only allowed a few towels, but he had as many as he liked. He seemed to be able to ask for them from producers whenever he felt like it and they just dealt them out.”

joey essex

Joey Essex

Matthew added that he thought the odds were tipped in the 'TOWIE' star's favour because ITV want to "cash in on the home-grown talent".

He is now supporting Westlife singer Kian to become King of the Jungle.

“I felt sorry for Kian. It feels like Joey is pre-destined to be a finalist, whereas Kian has to fight his way there. Ultimately, I think that everybody would benefit from Kian as the winner."

Matthew also revealed to 'This Morning' that he had therapy to overcome his fear of bugs before entering the jungle.

He told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: "I spent three weeks before I went into the jungle having phobia therapy with a psychiatrist because my phobias were so great and I was on the verge of pulling out because I didn't want to do a Helen Flanagan and let everyone down because I didn't think I could actually endure the challenges.

"But after three weeks, two hours a day talking with this guy, I knew that I could handle a spider - I had handled British spiders - but when I got there I didn't actually know if talking to a bloke two hours a day for three weeks was going to be enough to get me through, and so I had a panic attack."


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