An architecture firm who worked on London's Olympic Stadium are now offering to make you one of your own.

The catch? It costs £18.3 million pounds, takes up most of the garden and needs 12 months to build.

Populous, which has built stadiums including Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, the new roof on top of Wimbledon's Centre Court and Soccer City in Johannesburg, said the offer is open to enterprising rich clients with a need for a private, personal field of dreams.

The idea was pitched in the annual Robb Report of the craziest and strangest gifts that money can buy.

Features of the stadiums include wraparound video screens, seating for 100 spectators and high-end audio equipment. It will also have LED lights in the grass, letting you switch markings (and games) instantly. The idea is that the screens can recreate the atmosphere of any stadium in the world - letting you play football at Wembley and then run a 40-yard dash at the London Olympics.


"Is it doable?" asked Populous engineer Ryan Sickman in the article. "Yes. It just hasn't been done before... We're not creating a stadium for 3,000, 4,000, or 5,000 people. This is a custom premium environment for a select number of people."

(Hat-tip Gizmodo UK)

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