Cow Photographed Riding In The Back Seat Of A Citroen Xsara (PICTURE)

11/12/2013 14:34 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 06:38 GMT

Toy Garfields. ‘Baby on Board’ signs. Glaring Infants. These are just some of the common sights in the back of cars.

And cows.

Well, this cow anyway.

cow in a car

Keep on moo-ving: The cow peers out of the back of the car

This astonishing sight was captured by Carla Quinn during a drive through Northern Ireland's Ballymena town centre last week.

Quinn told HuffPost UK: “At first I thought ‘that’s a big dog, it’s the size of a cow’.

“Then I thought it looked more like a panda… suddenly the head moved and I saw the yellow tags in its ears and realised it actually was a cow.”

cow in car

Safe and dry (well it was raining)

Just in case you were wondering, it’s perfectly legal to carry a car in a car – as the Belfast Telegraph has since uncovered, though a spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland told the paper it was “ill-advised but not illegal.”

Quinn, an employment officer added: “Someone’s getting a cow for Christmas.”

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