'Broadchurch', 'Sherlock', 'Downton Abbey' - What Was Your Most Dramatic TV Moment Of 2013?

11/12/2013 15:34 | Updated 13 December 2013

So, we had no Olympics this year, no Diamond Jubilee, in fact, it threatened to look like quite a flat year, telly-wise. But, between them, ITV and BBC each came up with their share of memorable moments. Sky stamped its mark ever deeper on the mainstream telly landscape. We can't go without doffing our caps to our Nordic counterparts, and now the French have joined the party as well.

Here's our countdown of the top 11 most dramatic moments served up by the small screen. Did you agree? Or what did we miss? Be sure to let us know in the comments below...

  • 11 11. The Politician's Husband
    National treasure David Tennant proved he could be thoroughly, disturbingly unpleasant when he turned on his wife (Emily Watson), just because she proved to be a better political player. And when their battles lines were crossed horribly in the bedroom, well, it stopped being about politics and became about just what harm can be done in the confines of a marriage.
  • 10 10. The Returned (Les Revenants)
    Channel 4
    French telly came up with the goods in this series adapted from a film of the same name, and Channel 4 snapped it up. The story of a bus load of crash victims, returned from the dead to their mountain village, was billed as a spooky horror-thriller, but it was really about the devastation of grief, lost hope and what people will cling to. The scene where teenage Camille walked into her house four years later to greet her mother as though nothing had happened was heart-stoppingly sad.
  • 9 9. Day of the Doctor
    Another David Tennant moment, as Doctor Who celebrated his 50th birthday with the help of four Time Lords (including welcome surprise Tom Baker), a load of in-jokes, a completely mind-boggling tangential plot that's got proper Whovians still scratching their heads, and a record-breaking global audience, all watching at the same time. Who said network telly was dead?
  • 8 8. 'The Killing's Sarah Lund says goodbye
    Even the jumper was subdued as we prepared to say goodbye to Danish heroine Sarah Lund, after three gripping series of the original 'The Killing'. The good news was she went out with a bang, and got to have a proper relationship before she turned Clint Eastwood on us. As we bid goodbye to Borgen, too, more proof that the Danes know the wisdom of leaving us wanting more.
  • 7 7. Game of Thrones Red Wedding massacre (Sky)
    'Game of Thrones' has never been shy of showing us a bit of flesh, but the end of Series 3 we got the full blood and guts as members of the Stark family, not to mention thousands of bannermen, met their maker in the form of Lord Walder Frey at the Red Wedding. It was all to do with a broken pact, but all roads led to - guess who- the Lannisters.
  • 6 6. The Fall (BBC)
    This cracking crime thriller took a twist as Inspector Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) came within a whisker of her serial killer prey, an innocent-looking Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan). The disturbing sexiness of their silent conflict was spotted by discerning types, who promptly snapped up Dornan to play Christian Grey.
  • 5 5. Downton Abbey rape (ITV)
    The picturesque world of Downton was plunged into brutality with the rape of Anna (Joanna Froggatt), by house visitor (Nigel Harman). Worse, she kept it from her husband, Mr Bates, scared of what he might do - "he'll get the rope." A tour de force by Froggatt, with Julian Fellowes defending his script from those who thought the chintzy world of the Dowager didn't need such elements.
  • 4 4. The new Doctor is unveiled...
    Whatever you think of Doctor Who, and there are still many who think it's an over-hyped chidren's programme, it was a joyous moment of live television when Peter Capaldi was unveiled as the next resident of the Tardis. He was meek, demure, describing his daughter's angst that he didn't seem to be shortlisted, but we've all seen Malcolm Tucker in full flow... we know what this actor's capable of. Bring it on.
  • 3 3. Poirot bids adieu
    After 25 years and over 70 cases, David Suchet twirled his moustaches and polished his shoes one final time, before taking on Poirot's last case. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Hastings stood helplessly by... but Poirot still managed to find out whodunnit. A class act sans compare.
  • 2 2. Sherlock's Fall (BBC)
    How did he do it? Or, more accurately, how did he survive to tell the tale? Benedict Cumberbatch's roof showdown with Moriarty (Andrew Scott) was almighty, Shakespearean stuff, as Sherlock was forced to weigh up the safety of all those he loved versus his own plight. Fortunately, we know now there's more to come...
  • 1 1. Who killed Danny Latimer?
    David Tennant scored a hat-trick, with his place in the top spot, as he uncovered the Broadchurch culprit - far too close to home. In another triumph of non-boxset telly, the nation stayed glued, week after week, with the double-whammy of Tennant and Olivia Colman, the beach of secrets, and all the usual suspects.

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