Harry Styles is certainly living up to his reputation as a ladies man, after being spotted with model Kara Rose Marshall, just hours after his date with Kendall Jenner.

The One Directioner enjoyed a date at a New York gay bar with Kim Kardashian's little sis Kendall on Monday, but according to The Sun, he then took Kara out for a lunch date on Tuesday.

harry styles kendall jenner

Harry and Kendall out earlier this week

Harry risks the wrath of the Kardashian clan if he messes Kendall around, as apparently Kim has already warned her off him.

A source told Now magazine: "Harry and Kendall have been circling each other since being introduced a few months ago and are finally taking that next step.

"But Kim knows all about being played and fears Kendall will get hurt by the king of heartbreakers."

We're guessing Harry shouldn't expect an invite to Kimye's wedding then.

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  • 1. He's got lovely, bouncy curls which we'd love to run our fingers through.

  • 2. He's not afraid of getting naked.

  • 3. He's got a rather nice voice, which he could serenade us with.

  • 4. He was the cutest kid ever - just look at those cheeks!

  • 5. His bromance with Nick 'Grimmy' Grimshaw. We heart a good bit of man love.

  • 6. He scrubs up well in a suit. Yum!

  • 7. He loves animals *melts*.

  • 8. He gave Taylor Swift enough material for about 10 more albums during their relationship.

  • 9. He has tattoos. Lots of tattoos. OK, many are questionable but it just adds to his allure.

  • 10. He loves his mum. Bless!

  • 11. He always gets the best girls (we love Flacko almost as much as Harry).

  • 12. He's part of our favouritest band ever (ok, this week) - One Direction.

  • 13. He's got a filthy mouth.

  • 14. He's got some flashy cars. And a Capri. This is very cool indeed.

  • 15. He's not afraid to make a fool of himself (yes, that is him inside that thing).

  • 16. He's touchy feely. Especially when it comes to his bandmate's bits.

  • 17. He's the Robbie of 1D.

  • 18. He's charitable - 1D are releasing this year's Comic Relief single.

  • 19. He'd be an amazing mate. We are sure of this.


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