Victoria Beckham's Instagram Videos Are Completely Mental (And Make Us Want Her Handbags Even More)

22/11/2017 19:00 GMT

Apparently, the only surefire way to get people to buy your handbags is to make weird, borderline creepy Instagram videos. Well, that's if singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham is anything to go by.

The 39-year-old former Spice Girl has been pretty active on the photo sharing app as of late, to promote her brand spanking new range of covetable handbags.

And while her short promo videos are completely random they've certainly had us talking about her accessories AND we have to admit - we want all of them.

1. The cat edition

2. The polar bear edition

3. The push a bag into shot edition

4. The Posh plays Santa edition

5. The Christmas fairy does the splits edition

Riiiiight. While we weren't expecting Victoria to come over all quirky on us, you can't blame a girl for pushing her product.