Your Christmas Meal In 200 Calories

12/17/2013 02:16 pm 14:16:47 | Updated 18 December 2013

This feature won't stop you - or us, for that matter - from ploughing face first into the Christmas pudding, but we were really intrigued to find out how traditional Christmas foods stack up against each other in the calories war.

We asked the British Dietetics Association (BDA) and The Food Doctor to tell us how many roast potatoes, turkey and brussel sprouts - among other foods - make up 200 calories of your meal.

Take a look...

  • 1 150g Of Turkey
  • Lower in fat than beef, this is an excellent choice! Try roasting with herbs and spices to flavour rather than using oil.
  • 2 2 Piggies In Blankets
  • Swap streaky for lean bacon and cook in the grill to limit fat content.
  • 3 5 And A Half Slices Of Mint Chocs
  • Don’t throw the wrapper away – this helps you to keep track of how many you have had! Dried dates are a good alternative providing the sweet taste but with fewer calories.
  • 4 Three-Quarters Of A Mince Pie
  • Try removing the top of the pie to reduce pastry and calories or opt for a mini version.
  • 5 50 Brussel Sprouts
  • Aim for a half-plate filled with vegetables to aid portion control.
  • 6 10 Satsumas
  • A great snack, has the added benefit of increasing vitamin C to boost your immune system.
  • 7 3 Balls Of Onion And Sage Stuffing
  • Try and avoid pork stuffing if you can, as this will raise the fat content.
  • 8 65ml (1/8 Pint) Of Gravy)
  • Use instant gravy granules or the water from boiled vegetables to avoid excess fat in the meat juices, or make using vegetable stock in place of meat juices.
  • 9 3/4 Of A Melon
  • Excellent choice as a starter or dessert after an indulgent meal.
  • 10 3 Roast Potatoes
  • This is based on an estimation of potatoes cooked with goose fat - for a healthier alternative, use olive oil.
  • 11 Four Teapsoons Of Christmas Pudding And Custard
  • Make your custard with skimmed milk and use a smaller bowl to limit portion size, try making your own pudding using apple sauce to reduce the fat content!
  • 12 60g Of Beef
  • Trim off visible fat and slice thinly to increase the visual portion size on your plate.


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