From moonwalking ponies to yelling goats - via sketches, songs and flashmobs - here's our pick of the viral videos that made us laugh, smile and grin like silly kids this year. In no particular order, they were...

  • 20
    Ylvis: 'The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)'
    In which a Norwegian comedy duo came to the world's attention with the hit viral song of the year, and enlightened us to what noise foxes actually make.
  • 19
    'Don't Stop Believing' flash mob for retiring head teacher
    Roger Boddie was so beloved of his staff and pupils that they pulled this heartwarming Glee-style prank to honour him. No crying at the back!
  • 18
    Seeing her for the first time again
    A classic of the 'waking up from surgery' genre, Jason Mortensen can't believe his luck on learning that the beautiful woman standing over him is his wife.
  • 17
    Norwegian Army does the Harlem Shake
    This year's Silly Viral Video Craze spawned countless versions - but the Norwegian Army one was our favourite.
  • 16
    The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading
    Bad Lip Reading also brought us a very funny take on Obama's inauguration - but this pipped it, we feel. And trust us: you don't have to follow American football to find it hilarious.
  • 15
    Mercedes-Benz chicken advert
    Simple but brilliant. Was there ever a finer advert made involving chickens? We think not.
  • 14
    'Mad Men' without smoking
    Created by the funny folk on the Ellen show, this was very, very silly - and very, very funny.
  • 13
    Bus Stop Dancing Queen
    She was waiting for a bus... and she captured the world's heart.
  • 12
    Home Depot flash mob marriage proposal
    Starring Dustin, Spencer, their friends and Betty Who's 'Somebody Loves You'. (Warning: might make you blub.)
  • 11
    Three's moonwalking Shetland pony
    The mobile phone provider combined majestic Scottish scenery, Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere' and a Shetland pony called Socks to really rather wonderful effect.
  • 10
    Bad British baseball commentary
    "Hello rounders fans!" Writer and comedian Anthony Richardson created this slice of brilliance - check out his NBA with British commentary too.
  • 9
    Dublin taxi driver dances to 'Get Lucky'
    Well, we couldn't not include some reference to The Song Of The Summer. And we couldn't not include this marvellous video of a woman and taxi driver dancing to it on the streets of Dublin.
  • 8
    Goats yelling like humans
  • 7
    Construction workers react to Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball'
    "Excuse me! Ma'am! This is an active construction site!" For us, this was hands-down the funniest response to that pop video.
  • 6
    High school's lip dub of Katy Perry's 'Roar'
    It was done in one take, featured the entire school, and nearly everyone was walking backwards. Impressive, uplifting stuff, we're sure you'll agree.
  • 5
    'I Quit' interpretive dance video
    Marina Shifrin quit her job by making this video - and when it went viral, her bosses responded in kind.
  • 4
    How animals eat their food
    "Want to see how animals eat their food?" Well, yes, it turns out. The whole world did.
  • 3
    NBA dance cam dance-off
    We're not sure who we loved most - the kid in the stands or the NBA usher who challenged him. Either way, it was delightful.
  • 2
    Chris Hadfield covers David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'
    The Canadian astronaut said farewell to the International Space Station in the way that all of us have dreamed of doing - if we were astronauts.
  • 1
    Oil ship crew lip dub Toto's 'Africa'
    We said these weren't in order. But this was definitely our number one, could-watch-it-over-and-over, favourite, feelgood funny video of the year. Thank you, crew of the Bourbon Peridot vessel, for helping to make 2013 just that little bit funnier, brighter and more delightful.

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