From Lance Armstrong to Beyonce Knowles - via Margaret Thatcher, Edward Snowdon and JLS - check out some of this year's biggest spoof news stories according to, erm, us:

  • Lance Armstrong 'Used Drugs To Enhance His Interview Performance'
    'Winfrey revealed that while no lawyers had been allowed at the interview, Armstrong did have a team of people in the room - who were seen "handing him things to help improve his performance... like pictures of kittens. Anything to make him cry".'

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  • Nick Clegg's Backbone Found Buried In Car Park
    'The spine has been missing since May 2010, its whereabouts unknown until this week. Historians say that the discovery of the backbone also indicates that Clegg was born with one face, as opposed to the two we are used to seeing him with.'

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  • Cyprus: Reports Of People Being Robbed By Banks
    'There are worries that the attacks may lead to copycat crimes across Europe - although not in Britain, where citizens have already been robbed blind by bankers.'

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  • Wicked Witch Dies, Oz Both Mourns And Celebrates
    'Dividing people in death as she did in life, the land of Oz is both celebrating and mourning the death of the Wicked Witch of the Right, who has died after the Ritz hotel fell on her.'

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  • JLS Split Due To 'Musical Indifference'
    'We never wanted to overstay our welcome. We never wanted to be that band where people said, ‘Oh, bloody hell. It’s JLS again," said one member of the band, months after people were saying "Oh, bloody hell. It's JLS again".'

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  • Edward Snowden ‘Stuck In The Duty Free Section' At Moscow Airport
    'Onlookers say that Snowden was considering purchasing a bottle of Encounter by Calvin Klein before trying at least three other fragrances in Duty Free. He was last seen standing by the giant Toblerones.'

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  • Apple 'Agreed To Prism's 25-page Terms And Conditions Without Reading Them'
    'It has emerged that Apple only signed up to the NSA-FBI surveillance program because it failed to read Prism's 25-page terms and conditions.'

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  • Woman Gives Birth To Baby
    'A married woman of childbearing age has given birth to a baby boy. The event followed nine months of pregnancy.'

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  • 'Women Not As Good At Being Sexist And Making Stupid Comments,' Says Leading Ukip Member
    'Speaking at a panel event, he said that making stupid remarks in public was "very, very competitive" and that women "come absolutely nowhere" compared to men.'

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  • Thousands Of Morgan Spurlock Fans Gather In Leicester Square For Premiere Of His New Movie
    '"He's my favourite, he’s just so cool," gushed her friend. "Documentaries, TV shows, web series... We just love him. We're the most dedicated fans in the world!"'

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  • Angela Merkel Celebrates Another Four Years Of Being Compared To Margaret Thatcher
    '"We never doubted that she would stop being compared to Maggie," another told us. "And now this victory proves that she is unbeatable on this front."'

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  • I Shouldn't Be Judged By My Father's Teenage Diaries, Says Son Of Adrian Mole
    'The paper also cited Mole's staunchly feminist mother and elderly neighbour Bert Baxter as "important communist influences" on him - and attacked his teenage sweetheart Pandora Braithwaite, who went on to work for Tony Blair.'

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  • Tabloids Snap Back Into Shape Just Three Months After The Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Birth
    'Flaunting headlines like 'MUCH LESS OF CAMBRIDGE' and 'NO MUMMY TUMMY FOR KATE', they wowed onlookers on Saturday with their taut wordplay - just 89 days after Kate gave birth.'

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  • Kanye West Proposes To Himself
    'West has been the subject of marriage rumours ever since he proved his love for himself by interrupting Taylor Swift's VMAs acceptance speech in 2009.'

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  • Government Announces Plans To Reduce Life Expectancy To 70
    '"Lowering life expectancy in Britain from 80 to 70 shows that this Government is determined to keep making tough decisions. Including killing people off," he told the House of Commons in his Autumn Statement.'

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  • Shocking Selfie At Mandela Memorial Reveals Danish Prime Minister Is An Attractive Woman
    'The internet was shocked yesterday by a photograph taken at the memorial for Nelson Mandela. The selfie revealed that the Prime Minister of Denmark is, in fact, a woman.'

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  • TIME Regrets Naming Pope Francis 'Person Of The Year' After Beyoncé Drops Surprise Album
    '"I told them we should wait a few weeks for any late entries," one unnamed staffer told HuffPost UK Comedy. "But they wouldn't listen. Now look what's happened."'

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  • At Nelson's Mandela Memorial, someone picks exactly the right spot for George W Bush.

  • Although this was the shocking photo of the event, of course. Who knew that the Prime Minister of Denmark was <a href="" target="_blank">a woman</a>?!

  • Well, 'selfie' was the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year, you know.

  • In animal news, a frog photobombed this NASA launch...

  • ...while <a href="" target="_blank">a horse photobombed</a> these adorable little girls.

  • Still, he wasn't the only one with a long face this year.

  • No, really. It's almost like Nick Clegg is perfecting this thing.

  • Still, it could be worse. He could be Nigel Farage.

  • Slightly happier this year? Prince Charles. And no more so than when he'd been given a teddy bear to cuddle.

  • Chelsea's Gary Cahill and Fulham's Scott Parker bring us our favourite footie photo of the year.

  • Don't worry, Prince Harry didn't actually punch that baby.

  • See?!

  • "One down: Person who uses public transport to make it seem like he's in touch with The Masses..."

  • We're not saying the sun shines out of Olly Murs's a***, but... apparently, it does.

  • How to celebrate winning the men's doubles final at Wimbledon (if you're Bob and Mike Bryan).

  • Although that celebratory sporting act was nothing compared to <a href="" target="_blank">Manu Tuilagi's</a>, of course.

  • Michael Gove takes the 'Are You Smarter Than A Five Year-Old?' test, sadly fails.

  • Ed Miliband meets an admirer at the Labour party conference. Lucky Ed!

  • A llama gets in on the action <a href="" target="_blank">at Machu Picchu</a>.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge hears a shocking piece of gossip as she leaves Westminster Abbey. Possibly.

  • David Cameron tries to high five some children in Sri Lanka. This goes about as well as expected.

  • If only he was as popular as Gideon and Boris in China, eh? Well, Boris, at least.

  • So many Lady Gaga photos to choose from this year, so little time. So we've chosen this one as our favourite.

  • A divorce is announced <a href="" target="_blank">in Swansea</a>.

  • Some say Pope Francis is too informal. We say: he gets a big thumbs-up.

  • Ed Balls proves once again that you should never work with children or plastic animals.

  • In Alex Salmond's defence, no politician looks good in hard hat, googles and overalls.

  • No, really - they don't.

  • Shetland ponies in cardigans. The best animals-in-outfits thing to happen this year, apart from...

  • ...<a href="" target="_blank">cats in tights</a>

  • Not Beyonce's best look this year - although probably her most powerful.

  • We can't be sure, but we THINK there might be a member of the royal family hiding behind one of those masks.

  • Gentleman in the chair: you have our sympathies.

  • In which Prince Charles takes part in a magic trick. Marvellous.

  • We'll never forget where we were when we first saw George Osborne's new haircut. We were in Ancient Rome.

  • Desperate to revive his image this year, Nick Clegg recruited a new team of young advisors.

  • The only picture of Sir Patrick Stewart in a bathtub, dressed as a lobster, that you needed to see this year.

  • Barack Obama pulls a gun-totin' stance. <a href="" target="_blank">Here were some of the best reactions.</a>

  • Just your average <a href="" target="_blank">George Clooney photobomb</a>.

  • Although that's not as good as a 'sleeping David Cameron on a four-poster bed' photobomb, of course.

  • And finally: The Artist Formerly Known As The Royal Baby (now known as Prince George) greets the masses - in truly royal style.