Seattle Bus Robbery CCTV Shows Victim Grabbing Gun From 19-Year-Old Travonnte Brown (WATCH)

19/12/2013 17:49 | Updated 25 January 2014

This incredible footage shows the moment a passenger on board a Seattle bus reacted with incredible reflexes when confronted by an armed robber, grabbing the firearm before pushing his assailant to the ground and holding him, with the help of other passengers, for the police to arrive.

The incident, which took place on November 25, shows 19-year-old Travonnte Brown sticking a gun in the face of a man known only as 'Joshua', who was deeply engrossed in his mobile phone at the time.

As soon as 'Joshua' sees the firearm, he grabs the gun in a moment of staggering bravery. Earlier, Brown can be seen moving along the bus stealing phones.

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