One Direction's sassiest member, Louis Tomlinson, turns the grand old age of 22 on Tuesday.

And while the Doncaster lad isn't thrilled at the prospect (he tweeted last week: "22 is old"), here at HuffPost UK, we feel we need to celebrate. So what better way to mark the occasion than with Louis' 22 funniest pictures?

Happy birthday Loulou, you little bum-fluff-chinned sass-pot.

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  • The other members of One Direction thought the sun shone out of Louis' backside. They were wrong.

  • But Louis assures us everything is still in good working order down there.

  • Still, no need to brag though, Lou.

  • Did you know that Louis is the owner of an invisible pet horse?

  • ... and once fell victim to the ultimate soft toy photobomb.

  • Louis couldn't hide his excitement as The Wanted took to the stage.

  • Ooops, that will teach us to make jokes about Louis liking The Wanted.

  • Louis just couldn't get enough of Liam's dad jokes...

  • ... especially when they were about playing with his super soaker *sniggers*.

  • Louis couldn't hold on until he got home.

  • "Oh Liam stop, you say all the sweetest things."

  • Louis was shocked to see the things Harry had been texting his new girlfriend.

  • When Louis asked if we wanted something from the trolley, this wasn't exactly what we had in mind.

  • Louis proving he's sassy even when playing football.

  • And he couldn't help but snigger when Harry complimented him on his ball skills.

  • One for all the Larry Stylinson fans out there.

  • "Do you think I'd look good with a 'tashe?"

  • Louis was overjoyed to be replacing Brucie on 'Strictly'

  • Louis couldn't get through a whole rendition of One Direction's biggest hit, 'What Makes Spew Beautiful'.

  • Louis didn't seem to mind when the 'X Factor' wardrobe team mixed his clothes up with Diva Fever's.

  • When Louis forgot to put his contacts in one morning, he had trouble recognising girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

  • Louis Tomlinson - owner of the sassiest fringe in showbiz.

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