January Doesn't Have To Be The Worst Month Of The Year - Here's Why (#SayNoToJan)

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"January, month of empty pockets! Let us endure this evil month, anxious as a theatrical producer's forehead," said the French novelist Sidonie Gabrielle Colette.

But does January have to be such an ordeal? Yes, it's a month of endless penny-pinching, made worse by the various chocolate/booze/fun-of-any-kind bans, but it's not all bad.

We asked our HuffPost UK Lifestyle Twitter followers for their take on why we should stop month-shaming January:

Clover Stroud
I love Jan..it is a great time to actually see people rather than just exchange xmas plans and get in a tangle with tinsel

Amy R
you can draw a virtual line and start fresh in January

Michael Volpe
Yes,there are twelve months to Christmas

Eliza Rebeiro
January Sales, Mums Birthday, Chinese New Year, Cheap holiday deals.


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veronica still
Snowdrops start popping up in the garden at the end of J,anuary. Gransons birthday Happy New Year x

Emilie Gambade
The French yummylicious "galette des rois." To be shared with friends... RT : Can you name some good things about January?

If you'd like to get behind HuffPost UK Lifestyle's campaign to redefine January as a time for wellbeing, growth and happiness - rather than detox, restriction and subtraction - please tweet this using the hashtag #SayNoToJan.


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