Luisa Zissman may have to eat her words if the rumours she is set to enter the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house prove to be true.

The former 'Apprentice' star has been linked the series, despite previously hailing it as "s**t and embarrassing".

The Sun reports that Luisa will be among the famous faces entering the house when the latest run of the Channel 5 show kicks off on Friday.

luisa zissman

Luisa Zissman

A source told the paper: "Luisa is determined to sex up the house and bring some fun to the show.

"She was in the running last summer but didn’t make it."

However, when Luisa was last linked to the show, she tweeted: "More importantly no I don't want to do celeb BB it's s**t and embarrassing."

"My main focus is my business!" she added, having recently launched Bakers Toolkit - the business idea she originally pitched to Lord Sugar on 'The Apprentice'.

Check out who else is rumoured to be entering the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house in our gallery below...

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  • Lucy Mecklenburgh

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Appearing on 'The Only Way Is Essex'</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Lucy recently quit 'TOWIE' meaning she has some spare time on her hands and her ex Mario Falcone fared pretty well last year, so we wouldn't be surprised to see her walk through those famous doors on launch night. <strong>4/5</strong>

  • Sarah Harding

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being a member of Girls Aloud</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> We can't remember the amount of times it has been claimed Sarah is doing 'CBB' over the years, but she seemed to squash the latest rumours by tweeting: "errrr....ahahahahHaha!! what is this?... April f***in fools or Boxing Day?! Reaallly?!!! #bull****. #obviouslyinthewrong job #nothingbettertodo #sad #p45 #fact #fiction #takingthepissoutofuisactuallyquitefun." <strong>1/5</strong>

  • Lee Ryan

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being a member of boyband Blue</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> With Blue's record sales needing all the help they can get (despite a stint on 'The Big Reunion'), a spot on 'CBB' for one member of the boyband could be just the trick. <strong>4/5 </strong>

  • Katie Hopkins

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Starring on 'The Apprentice' and causing controversy on 'This Morning'</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Producers have claimed this will be the "most controversial series yet", and housemates don't come much more controversial than Katie Hopkins… <strong>5/5</strong>

  • Katie Price

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being Katie Price (and once being married to Peter Andre)</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> While we originally thought there was a lot of truth in the reports linking Katie to 'CBB', she tweeted 'I'm not doing Big Brother'. Plus she's recently been suffering from a mystery illness, and has been in and out of hospital. That said, never underestimate the Pricey! <strong>2/5</strong>

  • Jim Davidson

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Presenting 'Big Break' and 'The Generation Game'</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Jim was supposed to appear on 'CBB' last year, but was forced to pull out at the last minute, after he was wrongly arrested for sex abuse charges. With his name now cleared, it seems almost definite he'll be taking part. <strong>5/5</strong>

  • Sam Faiers

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Appearing on 'The Only Way Is Essex'</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> It isn't the first time Sam has been linked to 'CBB', but her ex Joey Essex's success on 'I'm A Celebrity' could have finally forced her to take the plunge? <strong>3/5</strong>

  • Khloe Kardashian

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being a member the dysfunctional reality TV family</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> It was only two months ago that Khloe Kardashian was supposed to be going into the jungle, so we'll take these rumours with a massive pinch of salt. Plus, can Channel 5 even afford a Kardashian?! <strong>1/5</strong>

  • Ollie Locke

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Appearing on 'Made In Chelsea'</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Ollie's not been up to much since leaving 'MIC', and seems like perfect fodder for the 'CBB' house. And surely they have to stick someone good looking in there for female viewers? <strong>4/5</strong>

  • Dappy

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being a member of N-Dubz </br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Dappy may have denied rumours he'll be walking into the house on Friday, but with the threat of bankruptcy looming over him, we reckon the cash on offer could incise him. <strong>4/5</strong>

  • Nancy Dell'olio

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Dating ex-England football coach Sven Goran Eriksson </br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Nancy isn't averse to appearing on reality TV, having already done 'Strictly Come Dancing'. And this year's posh house will be the perfect habitat for fancy Nancy. <strong>4/5</strong>

  • Alan Fletcher

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Playing Dr Karl Kennedy in 'Neighbours'</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Alan would follow in the footsteps of fellow Ramsay Street resident Ryan Maloney by entering the house, and with 'Neighbours' currently on a production break until the end of January, coupled with the fact Alan is already in the UK, we'd place money on him being part of the line-up. <strong>5/5</strong>

  • Evander Holyfield

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being the boxer who had his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Every series of 'CBB' needs a washed-up sports star, and Evander looks set to fill that slot rather nicely. <strong>4/5</strong>

  • Kathy Griffin

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> Being an American actress and stand-up comedienne</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> Kathy has categorically said she will not be appearing on 'CBB', tweeting: "Haha NO WAY!" to the reports. Guess that's us told. <strong>1/5</strong>

  • Jasmine Waltz

    <strong>Famous for:</strong> errr, we're not sure she is, but she did once date Danny Cipriani after he split from Kelly Brook in 2010</br> <strong>Likelihood they will enter:</strong> 'CBB' has a history of chucking in a 'WHO THE HELL ARE THEY?' housemate every year, especially when they threaten to expose the sex secrets of those more famous than them. Danny Cipriani, you've been warned. <strong>5/5</strong>

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