Miley Cyrus Disses Beyonce: Here's Why She's Wrong

02/01/2014 17:56 | Updated 23 January 2014

UPDATED: 3/1/14: Miley Cyrus has spoken out on Twitter, explaining that the quotes in this article are fake. LOVE magazine has also issued the following statement, highlighting that Miley never spoke to the mag about Beyonce:

Our original article follows below:

Yes, we know Miley Cyrus likes to cause controversy, but underneath all that twerking and tongue extending we like to believe there is actually a smart girl... who just happens to know how to sell records.

In interviews she's often outspoken and stands up for things she believes in, such as feminism. She believes with her antics she's "telling women to be whoever you want to be".

However, in an interview with LOVE magazine, Miley seems to have gotten a little confused and claimed that she is the only female artist who can fill Beyonce's boots right now.

miley cyrus

Beyonce, out of the game? Surely Miley must have spoken before Bey reinvented herself once again with her latest album.

It was downloaded more than 800,000 times in the first three days of when it went on sale, going on to become the second best selling album of the year.

It's unlikely Bey will respond to Miley's claims (she's classy like that) but there's a verse from her latest album that we like to imagine her singing in retort...

"I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world, don’t forget it, don’t forget it, respect that, bow down bitches."

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