Nude Yoga Model Photographed By Her Husband Provokes Body Image Debate - We Think She Looks Amazing (NSFW)

02/01/2014 14:11 | Updated 29 March 2014

We've read - and written - enough stories about Victoria Beckham to know that readers online can be particularly harsh when commenting on another person's weight.

But here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we think the comments on Reddit surrounding photographs shot by Petter Hegre featuring his wife standing in various naked yoga poses are not fair game.

Typical comments included 'this woman needs a cheeseburger' and 'am not a fan of the skeleton look'.

However, what was refreshing was the number of Redditors sticking up for Luba, saying that these pictures inspired some of them to take up yoga, others described her as 'beautiful and not because she's naked' and one said: "I wish I had the physical strength to do half of that."

Take a look at the pictures which are hosted on Imgur:


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