It may sound like the dream diet free from calorie-counting, but there's more to why John Cisna, an American school teacher based in Iowa, lost weight and lowered his cholesterol by only eating fast food meals for 90 days.

He ate breakfast, lunch and dinner from a menu of McDonald's meals, and while some were at the healthier end of the spectrum - oatmeal and egg whites - he was keen to point out that he did ate cheeseburgers.


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So how did he do it? The experiment, which he conducted with the help of his students, had to adhere to strict nutritional guidelines. He wasn't allowed to eat more than 2,000 calories a day, and he had to make sure he was getting the recommended amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats. He also took up walking.

In the end, he lost 37 pounds.

What the experiment ultimately proved, was not that eating McDonalds is the way to lose weight, but rather paying attention to your recommended daily amount of calories and nutrition is the key to sensible weight loss.

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  • So Long Chicken?

    Picky eaters beware, you may not see as many chicken options on menus anymore. Restaurants are honouring more adventurous eaters and diners' palates with a variety of meat options instead of relying on chicken dishes, which are often dubbed "safe."

  • Move Over Boring Cobb Salad

    Cobb salads will still be popular next year, but forget typical toppings like bacon and chicken breast, and think crispy avocados, jerk chicken and Scotch bonnet peppers.

  • Haute Comfort Foods

    You may start seeing highbrow peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taking over some joints. In 2014, chefs will be going back to childhood favourites and making high-end versions of classic comfort foods. Think truffle perogies or bacon-leek marmalade poached eggs.

  • Hybrid Heaven

    Chefs are suddenly turning into mad scientists and whipping up some not-so-scary kitchen hybrids. We've already seen the popularity of the cronut in 2013, but trends forecast more ramen burgers, souffle and brioche hybrids and even dessert pizzas with Nutella.

  • We All Scream For Ice Cream (Sandwiches)!

    Cupcakes and doughnuts won't be as popular going into 2014. Trend seekers are expecting ice cream sandwiches to get all the attention, and hey, we're not complaining.

  • Play Your Chips Right

    We won't be seeing that many chips and dip dishes, but we can expect alternatives like fried potatoes, beef tender crisps or crostinis with dip.

  • Oiling Up

    Chefs are stepping away from basics like olive oil and getting their hands dirty with oil flavours like avocado, hazelnut and sesame seed. Even mixologists are getting into the groove with oil-enhanced cocktails.

  • Old Is New Again

    Everything "old" is coming back in style. We're talking about the return of pickling, fermenting and homemade bread, so your grandparents should feel right at home.

  • Ice Ice Baby

    Ice isn't just for chilling anymore. Bars will be more likely to infuse their ice cubes with herbs and other ingredients for cocktails.

  • Veg Out!

    Expect more vegetarian options and veggies sneaking into your favourite traditional meals and desserts. For example, some restaurants in New York are experimenting with <a href="" target="_blank">chocolate and eggplant</a>. We're interested.

  • Not Your Parents' BBQ

    The next time you want some slow roasted barbecue ribs, you won't have to wait around until the summer. Chefs are taking back classic barbecuing techniques and adding them to restaurant menus.

  • Frozen Booze

    Yes. You read this right. In 2014, chefs will be experimenting with solid cocktails, or as we like to call them, heatwave healers.

  • Go Nutty

    So almond milk comes from ... almonds? Yes. Pasty chefs are going vegan and sticking to nuttier flavours of milk like almond and pecan to make their delectable dishes.

  • Under The Sea

    Salmon and shrimp are <em>so 2013</em> (as well as the decade previous). It looks like we're heading towards restaurant menus featuring everything under the sea, including sea beans and fish cheeks.

  • Tea Time

    If you're looking for ways to cut back on your booze intake next year, this is the perfect concoction for you. Tea, both hot and cold, will be just as popular as alcoholic beverages.