Arnold Schwarzenegger Dons Fake Moustache And Wig To Go Undercover At Gold's Gym (GIFS)

22/01/2014 15:10 | Updated 25 January 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover at Gold's Gym in Venice, California with hilarious results.

Arnie was 'Howard' for the day and was on hand to help out around the gyn with fitness advice and even work on reception.

The A-list movie star donned a fake moustache and wig in an effort to promote health and fitness amongst young children.

  • 1 "You are one ugly motherf****er."
  • 2 "Are you Sarah Conner?"
  • 3 "What have you been feeding this thing?" "Blondes!"
  • 4 "They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day."
  • 5 "If revenge is a dish best cold... then put on your Sunday's finest, it's time to feast!"
  • 6 "Milk are for babies, when you get older you drink beer."
  • 7 "Have you ever killed anyone?" "Yes, but they were all bad!"
  • 8 "Stop whining! You kids are soft. You lack discipline."
  • 9 "You should clone yourself while your still alive." "So I can understand your unique perspective?"
  • 10 "I eat green berets for breakfast...and I am very hungry!"
  • 11 "I'll be back."
  • 12 "Hasta la vista, baby."


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