Someone in the marketing department for boobs and vaginas must be having a hearty old laugh, because how else to explain the new beauty product that aims to tackle your 'swoobs'?

(That's short for sweaty boobs, of course).

The situation has reached such dire proportions that three companies, reported The Telegraph, have come up with products to tackle this epidemic, including one from Fresh Body, which advertises its Fresh Breasts deodorant as "replacing 'swoobs' - dreaded boob sweat - with smiles!"


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Elsewhere on Etsy, Boobaliciouss (this is actually a real site) markets breast deodorant You Bet No Boob Sweat.

The third is Klima Health Solutions' Bust Dust for people with excessive sweating also known as Hyperhidrosis.

Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, it's less smiles and more WTF.

We already have a glut of feminine hygiene products designed to guilt-trip your vagina, and after a year of vaginal bleaching and news that 'labiaplasty is on the increase', we're wondering if anything else is on the horizon.

Judging by these products, our vaginas are smelly wizards sleeves and our breasts are churning out sweat cheese.

Writing about it for The Guardian, Jill Filipovic said: "...when industries are so transparently trying to stoke our insecurities in order to get us to buy more stuff, our ears should perk up a little bit and we should ask: is this about the fun in playing with the aesthetics of our physical bodies? Or is this someone trying to get me to buy a thing by convincing me that something is terribly, embarrassingly wrong with my body?"

The good news is that there is a backlash against feminine hygiene products and ongoing protests and projects about the current expectation for women to wax off all their pubic hair.

Radhika Sanghani for The Telegraph wrote: "We aren’t going to fall
for another advertising ploy to try to get us to conform to an alien idea of female perfection. Sweat is natural - whether it’s on your armpits, back or nestling in between your cleavage. It regulates your body temperature and cools you down."

While we'd like to point out that women aren't the only ones who have boobs (hello, manboobs?), there is a spirit of equality rearing it's head. Fresh Body have a product called 'Defunk your Junk' for smelly balls.

Men, you have been warned.

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