An American man reportedly ran into his burning home in order to rescue his Xbox.

ABC 15 says that the man from Olathe, Kansas, woke up last Friday to find his home "engulfed in flames".

Seeing as there was no one else inside, the man did the only sensible thing and make a safe and quick exit.

But once outside the premises, he decided to make one last heroic trip back into the wreckage in order to save his beloved games console.

There's no word on whether the machine was a current-gen Xbox One, or the older Xbox 360 model. Either way, though, it's hard to imagine it was worth probably immolation.

In the end, the man suffered smoke inhalation but did apparently manage to get the console out, and was cleared by paramedics.

The fire was reportedly caused by an electrical junction box, and caused $80,000 in damages.

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