Smartwatches are a type of product which almost, or rather just about, exists.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Pebble and the I'm Watch can all genuinely make a claim to being a useful and worthwhile piece of tech. Or at least a gadget on your wrist that can, at least, let you know when you have an email.

But arguably at this point the best smartwatches don't have that capacity at all, but are instead the range of advanced fitness trackers which are both watches and interesting personal data capture devices.

If only someone - say a California-based company with an eye for design - could work out a way to blend all of these disparate strands and strengths into one, great, product.

We shall have to wait and see. Meanwhile, here are reviews of the eight best smartwatches on the market (or due to be) in 2014 so far.

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  • Pebble Steel Smartwatch Review

    With its new design and the great ecosystem of apps — not to mention the new capabilities of the Pebble 2.0 SDK — the Pebble Steel is a winner.

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

  • Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

    Sony SmartWatch 2 review

  • Nike+ FuelBand SE Review

    Nike+ FuelBand SE review

  • Unboxing the Martian Passport Watch

    Is this the closest to being like Dick Tracy with our own smartwatch, or is this a gadget that will drain our batteries?

  • Android-Powered I'm Watch Smartwatch Review

    For $350, the I'm Watch smartwatch touts a bevy of capabilities including running apps to view phone info and make calls right from your wrist.

  • The Qualcomm Smart Watch | CES 2014

    Chris Velazco and Darrell Etherington walk the outdoor show floor and get a little hands-on with a smart watch from Qualcomm.

  • Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Review

    Adidas miCoach Smart Run review