If Children Came With A Handbook

04/02/2014 23:31 | Updated 20 May 2015

This is one of my musings and merely just a bit of fun. Could you imagine if a child came with a handbook what it would include.

Here is what I think

If a child came with a handbook would it tell you about all the sleepless nights you would endure

When the child is 1 how they will stumble and fall as they are learning to walk

Or at 2 when they hit the terrible 2's and taking having a tantrum to new levels.

The troublesome 3's when they try to rule the roost.

Or when they hit flighty 4 as they whizz around.

Then at 5 it all changes they start school, this is when the trouble begins.

Sulky 6 when they can sulk for days on end.

At 7 they are finding their feet and the pre teen attitude starts to emerge.

Then there is 8 well what can I say they are growing more and more each day.

Naughty 9 the attitude is definitely starting and the tut begins.

Tempers start to flare at 10.

11 now becoming a tween with all the attitude to match

At 12 starting to answer back

13 OMG we have become a teen, no more talking just grunts. Much the same for 14,15

Then we get to sweet 16 or that is what people think, in fact they are devils in disguise.

Don't say I didn't warn you !!!!

What would you add to the handbook ?

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