A new 'Humble Bundle' name-your-price sale is offering almost the entire Civilisation series for almost ludicrous discounts.

Humble Bundles have become popular in recent years as a means of bulk-selling older or indie games at heavy discounts, often to benefit charities as well as developers.

The latest bundle offers a range of Sid Meier games including:

  • Ace Patrol, (and its Pacific Skies expansion), Railroads!, and the Complete editions of Civilization III and IV

humble bundle

To get all the above you can simply name your price - as long as it's above $1, you can get access to all the games.

Better still if you pay above the average price of $8.26, you can also get Civilisation V, with the Gods And Kings pack, plus Civilization IV (with Brave New World DLC).

So far the highest contributor paid $1,234.56 (for charity), while in total more than 139,000 people have bought the games for a total take of more than $1 million.

The only downside? If you do decide to buy this bundle, you're going to age quicker than you ever realised. Sid Meier games are notoriously addictive, and it's possible to play for extended periods without any awareness that time has passed.

You've got time on your side to decide, though. The deal is in place for another two weeks,

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