One of the many annoying new trends in mobile gaming are 'time limit' restrictions, by which you can only play a game for a certain amount of time, or number of lives, without having to either wait 24 hours to play again, or pay extra cash.

This is bad enough when it comes to free games like Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga, but worse when it happens in a game you've actually paid real money for.

Luckily, there might be a solution.

A new app has been released for the Google Play app store (Android only) which promises to reduce the time you need to spend waiting for energy and lives in your favourite games.

There's no real trickery involved, however - and no real programming at all.

In fact, it's just a way to do something you've been able to do all along - but which was probably too much work to bother doing.

All the app consists of is a simple shortcut to your Android date and time settings. Why? Because of the odd fact that if you set your time ahead by a few hours, it will trick the game you're playing into giving you more lives ahead of schedule.

The app includes reminders in your notifications bar to remind you to set your clock back to the real time when you're done.

And alas, it doesn't work with every game, such as The Simpsons Tapped Out which checks its time against the developer's server, not your own clock.

Worse, there are other problems involved.

According to some reviews, if you set your clock forward too much, it can eventually mess with your game meaning you'll have to wait even longer to get new lives.

It's also possible you'll end up missing alarms and alerts if you forget to set it back.

But if you're a Farm Heroes Saga addict? It's probably worth a try. Better than spending real money for digital 'gems' anyway...

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