The Five Valentine's Days You'll Have As A Student

14/02/2014 10:33
  • 1 The New Relationship
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    You've just told each other you'd like to stop having promiscuous sex with other students and emotions are running high. You want to make the day as special for one another as possible without coming across as too soppy or clingy. The Venue: An Italian/French/Spanish chain restaurant. 3 courses and a glass of fizz for under £20? Sold! Recommended Gifts: Chocolates/Flowers/Prosecco and a card. Nothing says "I'd like it if we cuddled after sex sometimes" like Milk Tray.
  • 2 The Unhealthy Relationship
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    A relationship that should've ended long ago, but has survived out of convenience or comfort. This couple can be seen not talking to each other or eyeing up the other boyfriends and girlfriends in a restaurant on their own date. The Venue: A more expensive chain restaurant, or a romantic dinner in the student house you share with your long-suffering housemates. The Gift: Expensive flowers/Jewellery. No card.
  • 3 The Single Night In
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    It's here again. That day where the whole world tries to make you apologise for your existence. Even all your housemates are paired up this year so you can't pretend it's not happening. Use this to your advantage. Walk around naked. Order a disgusting amount of takeaway. Watch action films. Let noxious gasses out of your body. Just try and get an early night so you don't have to listen to your housemates' activities when they get home. The Venue: Your house. The Gift: Your flatmate's leftovers from dinner. You deserve it.
  • 4 The Slumber Party
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    Who says Valentine's Day has to be about relationships? This time you want to reclaim the day for all other types of love. Show your single friends how much you love each other by having a get-together over cheap alcohol and light entertainment. Get the girls over for a bottle of fizz and Dirty Dancing, or have the lads round for dominoes and X-box. Together you can beat the coupley storm. The Venue: Your bedroom. The Gift: Facemasks and Cava for the girls, COD and beer for the boys
  • 5 The Night Out
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    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Show the world you're not afraid to be single on Valentine's Day by going out on the pull. You'll feel confident in your single state at the same time as being able to pick up a partner for the evening so no one knows you're actually spending V-day alone. Strut your stuff on the dance floor and you'll attract the attention of another lonely heart in no time. The Venue: Any Club/bar doing a Valentine's special. The Gift: A vodka mixer from the nice gentleman on his own in the corner.
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