Harry Styles is celebrating his 20th birthday again tonight... thanks to his rumoured girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

Kim Kardashian's half sister has reportedly organised a lavish bash alongside Harry's best friend Nick Grimshaw, at The Box nightclub in London, for the One Direction star.

harry styles

Harry Styles

The Soho spot, which features raunchy shows with topless dancers and acrobats, is popular with the rich and famous.

As One Direction fans know, Harry's birthday was actually on 1 February but a showbiz party is better late than never.

WATCH all the stars arrive in our live stream above which kicks off from 8pm on Monday.

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  • He's got big baby blues

  • And Jagger-like moves

  • He has the ability to make wombs explode

  • He knows how to twerk work a crowd

  • He's not a squeaky-clean boyband member

  • He never displays diva behaviour

  • He is the most beautiful crier

    Beaten only by Cheryl Cole.

  • Those dimples

    *pokes the screen*

  • THIS

    *fans self*

  • He loves his boys

  • But not as much as he loves us

    Either that or he really likes saying "elephant juice".

  • His vast musical skills

  • His athletic prowess

  • That hair

    Because he's worth it.

  • His smouldering stare

  • He makes a hot geek

    We <3 Marcel.

  • And he makes an even sexier walrus

  • He's as smooth as silk

  • He's got swag

    And bags of it too.

  • And he's just too adorable for words

    Honey Boo Boo eat your heart out.