VIDEO: Blue Ivy's Strict Diet Revealed

11/12/2017 06:17 GMT

Blue Ivy may appear to be Beyoncé and Jay-Z's pampered princess, enjoying lavish birthday parties and designer clothes, but on one thing mum and dad are strict - their little girl's diet.

A source close to the couple has revealed to US Weekly that Bey and Jay are passionate about ensuring that the two-year-old eats healthily. Processed foods, ready meals and white sugar are a big no-no in the Carter household.

The royal couple of pop are well known for their healthy lifestyle. Before Christmas they embarked on a 22-day vegan 'cleanse' and have apparently maintained a semi-vegan diet in the new year. Beyoncé's trainer has described their diet as 'plant-based' with occasional fish.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren't too hard on their daughter, though - she is allowed sugary treats at birthday parties and on special occasions. The rest of the time, she has to make do with fruit slices.