Cthulhu Tree Trunk Heralds The Arrival Of HP Lovecraft's Alien Monster

20/02/2014 15:59 GMT | Updated 20/02/2014 16:59 GMT

HP Lovecraft’s octopus-headed creature the Cthulhu is seeping slowly out of the earth and will soon be among us.

Via the portal of a gnarled tree trunk.

“Looks like Cthulhu’s skull” said user extreme_matt, who posted it to Reddit.


Redditor extreme_matt found this tree trunk at the Hammock State Park in Florida. And this is kiki71's superb rendering on Deviantart

But not everyone is convinced. What do you reckon?

Cthulhu manifested earlier at Christmas when it turned up on a dinner table looking like this:

Presumably whereupon everyone lost their appetites.