27/02/2014 10:05 GMT | Updated 27/02/2014 10:59 GMT

Broome's Cable Croc: Giant Surfing Crocodile Shuts Down Australian Beach (PICTURES/VIDEO)

As if the creatures that lurk in Australia aren't already terrifying enough… now they're even going out of their typical environment to terrify tourists.

A giant four-metre crocodile closed down an entire beach, after it surfed in knee-deep water.

The "dominant" male crocodile, which experts say was nearly 4m long, shut down Broome's Cable Beach for a day before moving on.

Broome woman Sharon Scoble said she was amazed by its size.

"He was a big boy - his head was huge," she said.

"It would be all over red rover if he got hold of you."

The croc did not show signs of aggression, but Ms Scoble said it was looking at people on the beach.

"I felt really humbled but you probably would not feel that way if you were out there on a paddle board or having a swim," she said.