10 Things Which Make You A Southern Student At A Northern Uni

03/04/2014 08:57 am 08:57:20 | Updated 04 March 2014
Dougal Waters via Getty Images
  • 1. At first, you feel like you are going on a big adventure to a magical land.
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  • We're off... to Hull!
  • 2. You have discovered curry sauce on chips and consider yourself suitably enlightened.
  • 3. Using an umbrella when it's a bit misty.
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  • Better to be safe.
  • 4. You find yourself putting on a mock-northern accent at random times, such as when saying thank you to the bus driver. Which you must always do.
  • Thanks.
  • 5. It's nice to have two homes far away from each other so that you can run away to one when people get annoying at the other.
  • 6. You find BBC Look North unnerving, even if the slanging match between the anchor and the weather girl does provide some entertainment.
  • Just not right.
  • 7. Noticing that conversation in public DOES happen and turns out it isn't just something that happens in black and white films.
  • 8. Someone asking you for tea, and then getting annoyed when you make them a cup of tea rather than dinner/supper.
  • 9. When a local shopkeep says something after handing you your skinny latte, you just smile and nod, and maybe politely laugh.
  • What?
  • 10. You think it's great that the uni make you feel at home by surrounding you with loads of other southern middle class kids.
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  • Everything's going to be ok.
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