10ft Python Devours Crocodile In Queensland, Australia (PICTURES, VIDEO)

03/03/2014 12:27 | Updated 04 March 2014

These chilling images show a fatal encounter between a 10ft-long python and a crocodile in Australia’s Lake Moondarra, in Queensland.

The reptiles went head to head on Sunday, in front of shocked witnesses.

Local author Tiffany Corlis took photos of the epic battle.

python eats crocodile


“But as the morning sort of progressed, you could tell that both of them were getting a little weaker. Finally, the croc sort of gave in and the snake had uncoiled for a little while and had a brief break and then actually started to consume the crocodile.”

python vs crocodile

Snake expert Associate Professor Bryan Fry, from the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Science, told the Brisbane Times the feast would keep the python sated for about a month.

Snake Vs Croc
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