Oscars 2014: The 12 Funniest Moments

03/03/2014 11:02 | Updated 03 March 2014

In pictures, videos and Vines: the (sometimes unintentional) comedy highlights of the 86th Academy Awards...

  • 1. Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2
    We'd all love to do it. But only Benedict could get away with it.
  • 2. Jennifer Lawrence tripping up on the red carpet
    OK, this is starting to get silly now...
  • 3. Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue...
  • 4. ...especially her Liza Minnelli joke
    "Also here tonight, one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli impersonators I have ever seen in my entire life. Good job, sir."
  • 5. Jim Carrey's impersonation of Bruce Dern
    You really have to have to seen 'Nebraska' to find this funny, but if you haven't: trust us - it's good.
  • 6. Ellen's fairy queen costume (complete with magic wand)
    Well, if you're going to get Ellen in a frock, it might as well be A FROCK.
  • 7. Ellen getting pizza delivered for the A-list audience...
  • 8. ...and the sight of Brad Pitt handing out plates
  • 9. Meryl Streep dancing to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy'
    Sure, we liked Lupita and Amy's dancing, too. But Meryl? Meryl can SHIMMAY!
  • 10. John Travolta messing up the pronunciation of Idina Menzel's name
    Clearly, he's a big fan... of Adela Dazeem.
  • (Turns out there is someone called Adela Dazeem, and this was her response on Twitter)
  • 11. Ellen's star-studded selfie...
  • 12. ...and poor old Liza Minnelli trying - and failing - to be part of it.
2014 Oscars Red Carpet


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