8 Examples Of How Vince Cable Loves Fighting With The Tories

06/03/2014 14:19 | Updated 06 March 2014
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Vince Cable is one-man 'coalition row' machine. On Thursday evening, the Lib Dem business secretary will condemn immigration "scare stories", in a speech subtly timed to coincide (rebut?) with an address by the new Tory immigration minister. "Coalition war breaks out as Vince Cable attacks Tory immigration target," is a headline in one of the papers this morning.

Below are some examples of Cable's best spats with his coalition partners, or members of what he likes to call the "nasty party".

  • 1 Cable vs Immigration Minister
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    Hailing the benefits of immigration, Cable said the government needed to "kill all the scare stories" and that migration had been good. On the same day immigration minister James Brokenshire said Cable's view that the rapid increase in migration was "good" was wrong.
  • 2 Cable vs 'Racist Van'
    Cable dubbed Theresa May's Home Office anti-illegal immigration van as "stupid and offensive".
  • 3 Cable vs Osborne
    Cable said the language George Osborne used about benefit claimants was "completely wrong".
  • 4 Cable vs Lynton Crosby
    Cable on David Cameron's strategist Lynton Crosby: "We have got dog-whistle politics orchestrated by an Australian Rottweiler. We have got hostility to organised Labour, and people on benefits and immigrant minorities."
  • 5 Green Cable vs Blue Cameron
    Cable said any attempt to ditch Green policies would be "short-sighted and foolish", after David Cameron indicated they might be scaled back.
  • 6 Cable vs Referendums
    Cable dismissed David Cameron's in/out EU referendum as a "serious distraction".
  • 7 Cable vs Tory Donors
    Cable accused David Cameron of opposing the Lib Dem mansion tax plan because "very wealthy" Tory donors were opposed to it.
  • 8 Cable vs All Tories
    Following the AV referendum, Cable said the Tories were "ruthless, calculating and thoroughly tribal".

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