Lily Allen Shares A Hilarious, But Less Than Flattering, Selfie With Her Instagram Followers

07/03/2014 17:22 | Updated 07 March 2014

When you've got stars like Helen Flanagan and Kim Kardashian treating Instagram like it's their own personal modelling portfolio, it's refreshing to see one star not taking themselves too seriously.

Lily Allen treated her fans to this photo pulling a hilarious - though, admittedly, slightly unflattering - face, which she posted on her Instagram last night.

lily allen

Lily Allen

Her photo was accompanied simply by the caption "#selfie", because really what else is there to say?

The singer had vented her frustrations at seeing so many selfies on social media earlier in the night, tweeting:

Lily's third album 'Sheezus' is scheduled for release later this year.

Style Evolution: Lily Allen

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