15 Things You Would Only Ever See At America's Conservative Political Action Conference (PICTURES)

08/03/2014 22:04 | Updated 08 March 2014

This week in Washington, America's right, far-right, Tea Party members, Libertarians, Christians, the NRA, devotees of Palin, worshippers of Reagan and everyone in between gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to hear a parade of speakers talk about the future of the movement - as well as decry the accursed Obama and his nefarious plot to turn the US into Soviet Russia.

The three-day event drew in a lively crowd, some big-name politicians, a raft of sponsors and the odd piece of merchandise. Here are 15 sights that you would only ever see at CPAC...

  • These revolutionaries
  • This reusable poster box
  • These matching chinos
  • This man's determination to get a good seat
  • Callista Gingrich's hairdo
  • This children's book
  • The Obama de-stress brick
  • The sash on this man
  • This arm-wrestle
  • This anti-gay handout
  • This piece of merchandise
  • This diversity
  • This shirt
  • This rascal
  • These car stickers
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