20 Completely Legitimate Reasons To Celebrate St Patrick's Day

10/03/2014 17:01 | Updated 16 March 2015

It seems that only English people celebrate St George's Day and only the Welsh celebrate St David's Day - but St Patrick's Day? St Paddy's Day is for everyone! And just to prove it, here's a list of excuses reasons to let your hair down on 17 March... or at least dye it green.

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  • 1. You're Irish
  • 2. You're not Irish
  • 3. You've been to Ireland
  • 4. You've never been to Ireland
  • 5. You've been to Ireland, but you don't remember it
  • 6. You have a deep and thorough understanding of St Patrick and his teachings
  • 7. You know nothing about St Patrick, but you hate snakes
  • 8. You look good in green
  • 9. You like 'Once'
  • 10. You grudgingly like 'Riverdance'
  • 11. You know all the words to 'Danny Boy'
  • 12. You know all the words to 'My Lovely Horse'
  • 13. You fancy the Corrs. Any of them. All of them. Even the fella.
  • 14. You firmly believe that Johnny Logan's 'What's Another Year?' was the best Eurovision Song Contest winner of all time
  • 15. You've seen a leprechaun
  • 16. You've yet to see a leprechaun
  • 17. You like dressing up like a leprechaun
  • 18. You like dressing up
  • 19. You like drinking Guinness
  • 20. You like drinking

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