20 Completely Legitimate Reasons To Celebrate St Patrick's Day

10/03/2014 17:01 | Updated 16 March 2015
  • Andrea Mann Writer of sentences like this one. Also, occasionally, longer ones. But not this time.

It seems that only English people celebrate St George's Day and only the Welsh celebrate St David's Day - but St Patrick's Day? St Paddy's Day is for everyone! And just to prove it, here's a list of excuses reasons to let your hair down on 17 March... or at least dye it green.

  • 1. You're Irish
  • 2. You're not Irish
  • 3. You've been to Ireland
  • 4. You've never been to Ireland
  • 5. You've been to Ireland, but you don't remember it
  • 6. You have a deep and thorough understanding of St Patrick and his teachings
  • 7. You know nothing about St Patrick, but you hate snakes
  • 8. You look good in green
  • 9. You like 'Once'
  • 10. You grudgingly like 'Riverdance'
  • 11. You know all the words to 'Danny Boy'
  • 12. You know all the words to 'My Lovely Horse'
  • 13. You fancy the Corrs. Any of them. All of them. Even the fella.
  • 14. You firmly believe that Johnny Logan's 'What's Another Year?' was the best Eurovision Song Contest winner of all time
  • 15. You've seen a leprechaun
  • 16. You've yet to see a leprechaun
  • 17. You like dressing up like a leprechaun
  • 18. You like dressing up
  • 19. You like drinking Guinness
  • 20. You like drinking

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