Malaysian Airlines Plane Disappearance Conspiracy Theories Are All Over The Internet

11/03/2014 16:36 | Updated 11 March 2014

As the search for the doomed Malaysian Airlines plane enters its fourth day, officials basically know precisely nada.

No debris, no distress call, no indication at all of where the plane is, where it when down, or when it disappeared.

Luckily, the internet has theories.

  • 1 Iran downed the jet
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    Rumours abounded after it emerged that the tickets for two passengers who used stolen passports to travel on a missing Malaysia Airlines flight were booked by an Iranian man known only as “Mr. Ali", according to the FT. But one of those travelling has been identified as a 19-year-old Iranian, almost definitely headed to Germany to seek asylum, with no links whatsoever to terror networks. Besides, it would be baffling as to why Iran would want to hijack a plane almost entirely compromised of Chinese passengers. China is a key ally of Iran.
  • 2 North Korea downed the jet
    It's a theory swirling only in the realm of the Twittersphere and Reddit, but HuffPost UK has had a number of emails asking us to investigate the theory, pointing out the jet did have enough fuel on board to reach the hermit nation (allegedly) and that the North Koreans do have form when it comes to plane hijacking. Again, it seems like an odd scheme when it would alienate Pyongyang's only international ally, China, and mainly hinges on the "but those North Koreans are crazy" school of thought.
  • 3 Chinese separatists downed the jet
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    This one is kinda understandable, because the 'Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade' claimed they were responsible for the attack in an email to Chinese media. The message read: "You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as pay back.” This is almost certainly a hoax to stir up trouble, in the aftermath of the Kunming train station massacre where 29 people were killed. Chinese officials blamed that on separatists from north-west China's Uighur Muslim minority.
  • 4 A single Uighur terrorist downed the jet
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    This was touted on Chinese social media, Weibo, with pictures of the air passenger list showing one name scrubbed out, which netizens said was a "Uighur" name. But it's a hoax, the full air passenger list has been posted on Reddit, and it hasn't got a name scrubbed out. Easy one, that.
  • 5 Mobile Phones of the victims are still ringing
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    This one's made many mainstream newspaper outlets, and has a good basis in truth, relatives swear they have called the phones and heard them ring. Malaysian officials are investigating this, but at a press conference in Beijing, spokesman Ignatius Ong said one of the numbers that had been passed on to the airline's command office in Kuala Lumpur did not receive an answer. "I myself have called the number five times while the airline's command centre also called the number. We got no answering tone," said Ong.
  • 6 The plane was hidden by US military technology for unknown nefarious purpose
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    This is one touted on, an "alternative" site big on stuff like UFOs, which reports: "It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is “cloaked,” hiding with hi-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used. In fact, this type of technology is precisely the expertise of [Texas-based company] Freescale, that has 20 employees on board the missing flight”. Again (there's a theme here) it doesn't say why.
  • 7 Mossad downed the jet
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    Alright, not many people other than complete wack-jobs are posing this theory, but it's always worth an honourable mention. Nothing practical like, say, a motive, is given by those posing this on internet forums, apart from "evil Zionists do this kind of thing". Oh, and that the Israelis once cloned passports, so that's proof enough for The Rebel, who wrote: "The finding of the use on the Malaysian Airlines flight of stolen passports is essentially confirmatory of a Zionist plot." And that's, err, all they've got.
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